Sunday, March 3, 2013

My Heart Turns 6 Today...

My heart turns 6 years old today.  They say time goes by fast, and they aren't kidding (whomever this "they" is).  I still remember the day we drove to the hospital, not even thinking that this could possibly be the day our baby boy would be born- 3 weeks early, but it was.  It seems like just yesterday, you fit in my lap and we would rock and rock and rock.  You still snuggle in my lap, but now you're all arms and legs, and you're always hungry (is this a glimpse of your teenage years?).

You now wear "big boy" glasses- without the wrap around ear pieces, you go to Kindergarten, you let Daddy give you a buzz cut instead of the little boy hair cut you once sported.  Where has the time gone?

I am so proud of the "big boy" you are turning into.  I love that you spontaneously break out into singing "Kings and Queens", "Where I Belong",  "Whom Shall I Fear", "Tonight", or "Eye On It".  I love that when you are asked who your favorite singer is, your immediate response is TobyMac.  I love that you were shocked when you learned that not every child has a Bible and that in some countries you aren't allowed to worship Jesus.  I love that you immediately wanted to use all your money to buy all the children in the world a Bible so they could read about Jesus at bedtime like you do.  You love to give to others and that is a wonderful trait of yours.

I love that you want to be a dolphin trainer when you grow up so that you can work with Winter the Dolphin and other injured dolphins.  You were Chili Dawg's champion when we amputated his leg.  You always stood up for him when people gave him strange looks or said something about him only having 3 legs.  You were always quick to point out "how much cooler our dog was than their dog, because their dog needed 4 legs to walk and ours could walk with 3".  You loved Finchy so much, and our hearts broke the night you realized he wasn't coming home from the vet and you cried that mournful sob.  You have such a tender heart and a desire to help others.  Your Kindergarten teacher thinks that you will make an excellent doctor one day.

Happy birthday, my dinosaur loving, angry-birds loving, sweet boy.  You are my sunshine!