Thursday, February 26, 2009

Future Scientist?

Tonight I was supposed to meet my friend Sandy up at school to set up the heart lab practical that we are giving tomorrow in Anatomy. We were going to meet there at 6 after our husbands had gotten home from work and could be with our kids. She called me a little after 4, to tell me her husband was already home, so she was going to set up the practical and I could stay home.

Well, that didn't seem fair to me. A lab practical is hard enough for 2 people to set up. The last time, it took 2 of us almost 45 minutes to do it, and we didn't have to find good specimen to do it. So, I told her to start and I would be there in 10 minutes with Noah.

Noah likes going to my school- it's new, and big, and shiny. He really likes to take the elevator, which is fine with me. So I met Sandy in the Anatomy room, and I started taping down questions, and she went to get the hearts. She put the box down on the floor, and Noah ran over to it. Then she pulled out the bag of sheep hearts, and Noah let out this big "OOOOOO!" Kind of like an excited squeal. He was showing a little too much interest in them, so we told him they were "yucky" and he didn't go by them again.

He did spend quite a bit of time roaming the classroom. Opening and closing the fume hood, trying to reach the safety shower handle, looking at the different models of the human body that we have, giving the skeletons "high 5s". He also stood on a chair and watched Sandy and I tag the hearts, but he made sure he didn't touch anything. Towards the end he got a little bored, so I gave him some markers and paper and he amused himself by coloring. Overall he was a good little boy.

He even brought Sandy his shoe that had come off, and sat down and let her put it back on, while I washed my hands. Then, he gave Sandy a high 5 and said "bye!" and then we left. We of course took the elevator back downstairs, where he took off running down the hallway. He got to meet one of my favorite people, Beth and gave her a high 5. Beth told him to come back and see her, and he said, "okay, buh bye!" and took off again.

So, maybe science is in Noah's future... I mean he does seem destined for it, given what Ryan and I do for a living, but I'll let him make his own decision.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Little Helper Part 2...

Earlier, I had posted about Noah liking to help out around the house. I showed pictures of him helping Ryan tape up baby ladybugs' room to be painted. Now, the room is still in progress- it would have been done this week, but I am re-battling the plague, but here is Noah helping us put up the wall tattoos.On Valentine's weekend, grandma and grandpa came down to occupy Noah so that Ryan and I could finish ladybugs' room. Little did we know that Noah would want to help! So with Ryan, myself, and grandma with Noah's assistance, we were done with the tattoo part in about an hour. It was fast work! I will post the rest of the nursery when I am done painting the ladybugs' on the wall and painting a moon (I'll explain the moon later).

In my super bowl post, I mentioned that my parents have this fabulous little bakery that makes really cool cookies. For Valentine's Day, grandma brought Noah (and myself) a cookie- she brought Ryan a chocolate donut. Here are some pictures of Noah enjoying his cookie- it took him 3 days to eat it! He sure likes to savor the good stuff!

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Please Pray...

My sister, Jaime, just recently found out that she was pregnant. It came as a big surprise to her and her husband. If you've read my blog, you'll remember an entry I wrote in January about her first pregnancy, with Faith, and that she ended up miscarrying at 19.5 weeks.

Today, Jaime and her family were visiting her friend Anna. Jaime started to bleed heavily. Anna took her to the emergency room, and currently they are sitting in a room in the ER waiting to have an ultrasound for the baby.

If anyone reads my blog, please pray for Jaime and Bill. Thank you, Anna, for taking Jaime to the ER and being with her. You're a good friend.

Friday, February 20, 2009

A dog and his lambie-doodle...

Chili Dawg has this special toy. It's a lambie-doodle. What's a lambie-doodle you ask? Well, it's a lamb, with curly hair, that bleats when you squeeze it. He takes special care of his lambie-doodle- carries it everywhere he goes. It's the first thing he grabs in the morning, and the first thing he grabs when I let him out of his crate after school. We got it for him a couple years ago. I have to put it away every now and then, because Finchy isn't so gentle with it. I've sewn the legs back on several times, and eventually I grow weary of sewing for a while. Whenever I bring the lambie back out though, Chili turns back into a puppy, which is nice to see, because he's had a rough winter this year.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

The Softer Side...

Today, Noah discovered my Buzz Lightyear figure- it's not really a doll, because it's not soft. It's made of hard plastic, and used to talk when you'd push a button. I had put it in his closet up on a shelf until he wanted it. Today he saw it and pointed to it, so I brought it down. He grabbed Buzz, and immediately said "down'tairs", so we went downstairs carrying Buzz. He arranged his furniture to look like a crib, and said "nigh, nigh" and laid Buzz in it. Then he ran back to the steps and wanted to get his "nigh nigh" blanket. I wasn't allowed to go up the stairs with him. Every time I tried, he turned around, said "no" and pointed to the bottom of the stairs. After he got up to the top, he disappeared into his room, and appeared at the top of the steps with his blanket- I carried him back down the steps (of course I followed him up the steps, have you seen how many steps we have in our house?), and we put Buzz "nigh nigh". Then we put Noah "nigh nigh" with Buzz. When Daddy came home, we repeated the same routine- complete with getting the blanket from upstairs- because, silly Daddy had brought it back upstairs.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

My little valentine...

My first year teaching, I was across the hall from a lady who has now become one of my close and dear friends. Her name is Bernadette, and if it wasn't for her, I probably would not be teaching Chemistry. Some days when I was having a really hard time, she would stay after school and teach it to me until I understood what I was doing. Other times, if I had never done a certain lab before, she would stay after school, help me set up and do the lab with me. We're not good lab partners- if we had been partners in school, one of us would have gotten injured, we're both sure of it.

So, what does this have to do with my little valentine?

Well, every time there is a holiday, Bernadette always makes cupcakes for our department. She buys the specially shaped cupcake tins, the special cupcake mix, the special colored frosting, and brings the special sprinkles so people can put their own toppings on. On Friday, she made cupcakes for Valentine's Day, and at the end of the day, she left one on my desk for me to bring home to Noah- she's always thinking of others.
Let's just say, my little valentine, really enjoyed his cupcake, especially the frosting. Thanks, Bernadette, for remembering my little boy.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Special Bedtime...

Tonight I got to put Noah to bed. Normally, Ryan reads Noah 2 stories and puts him to bed, because he says it's not fair that I get to get Noah up in the morning and get to snuggle with him. Tonight, Ryan has tunnel vision- if you know Ryan you know what I'm talking about. Last night we had sump pump issues. Long story short, it's currently 7:15 pm, and my husband is outside in the backyard attempting to dig up the sump pump pipe that we buried when we built our house over 5 years ago. Yes, I realize that it's February and the ground isn't thawed, and we could just run a hose over the lawn until the ground is thawed. I realize that, but like I said, my husband has tunnel vision.

Anyway, thanks to his tunnel vision, I got to put Noah to bed tonight. Noah really likes the Sandra Boynton books. He has 5 of them, and every night he picks two to get read to him. He always picks, "Moo, Baa, La La La"- I think Ryan and I have that one memorized, and then he usually lets Ryan pick the second, but sometimes he doesn't. Tonight, I got to read him "Moo, Baa, La La La", and then I read him "Oh My Oh My Dinosaurs", and then I read him, "The Going to Bed Book". He wanted me to keep reading him books, and I wanted to keep reading him books, but then I noticed he was rubbing his eyes and yawning, and could barely keep his eyes open, so I reluctantly decided to put him in his crib. I realized at this moment, that my little boy has really grown up. He's going to turn 2 in a couple weeks, and eventually, he won't want to sit on my lap and look at books. So the next time my husband has tunnel vision, I'm going to read him as many books as he wants!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Sandals in February?

Yes, that's right, I'm wearing sandals and capris today, February 10. It's supposed to be 65 degrees today, and I of course, am stuck inside at work.

It was beautiful outside this weekend, so we gave Noah every opportunity to be outside. He loved it. We made him wear his boots, because there were still piles of snow outside, and he enjoyed stomping through them. We also went for several rides in the big red car that he got last year from Auntie Jaime and Uncle Bill. Every time we went inside, he cried, because he wanted to stay outside- but usually we were going in to eat- and you can't keep this pregnant lady from her food!

Sunday, Ryan set up the smoker and smoked 3 racks of ribs. 1 for our very nice neighbors, 1 for us and 1 for our freezer. That night at dinner, we noticed that Noah was getting all stuffy and congested (again!). We set up the vaporizer in his room and put him to bed. He went down like a champ, no moaning or rocking. Yesterday he was still congested and had started to cough. This morning, he was up coughing at 4 am- poor kid, and he was covered in snot. Right now, the positive thing, is that he's still in good spirits and running around. I just hope he doesn't get as sick as he was the last time he had the plague, although it has been a while since we watched "Cars", and Noah does love Mater and 'Queen.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Daddy's little helper...

Noah definitely takes after his daddy. He likes to help. So, back in December, Ryan decided to paint baby ladybug's room. We're not done with it yet- soon. All that's left is for me to draw on the walls- something I really enjoy doing. Anyway, the day Ryan decided to tape the room, Noah was determined to help. Ryan was very patient with Noah, giving him tape after tape after tape, and showing him how to put it over the baseboard. Noah enjoyed it, and was very focused on how to put it up (tunnel vision, just like his dad).

Now, Noah will be able to tell baby ladybug that he helped prepare her room for her arrival!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

My boy and the Bell...

If you know Ryan, you know that he loves Taco Bell. We don't know why he likes it, because being a food scientist has turned him into a snob. Ryan loves authentic mexican food, and we all know that Taco Bell is no where near authentic. Nevertheless, Ryan would eat it every day if he could.

Noah has recently joined Ryan in the love of Taco Bell. He is fond of the bean burrito. Check out the pictures below- why we gave him a fork to start with, I'll never know, but he made sure the burrito wasn't alive before he began to enjoy it, after he had his first bite.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Super Bowl Saturday...

Yes, I know that the Super Bowl is on Sunday, today, but with our kids, we decided to do it on Saturday. That gives all of us a chance to indulge in the gluttony that is part of the super bowl, and allows all of us (kids included) to recuperate on Sunday. So we all went to Jaime's house to do our Super Bowl party. There's a bakery in McHenry that makes these cookies, and Grandma Vicki bought 3 of these football cookies, and 1 valentine's day cookie for the kids (now if you're counting, there are only 3 kids... but then if you count me there are 4). Rori picked the "beautiful heart cookie", which left the football cookies for Liam, Noah and myself.

Since there wasn't a football game to watch, Jaime and I labeled all the girls' clothes that she is very generously letting us borrow. Seriously, I don't think ladybug will need any new clothes for her first year of life. They had one gigantic bin of clothes, and then a smaller tub of clothes. While Jaime and I labeled, Liam napped and then Noah napped, and Ryan and Bill played the Wii. Grandma Vicki and Grandpa Jim entertained the boys, until they had to leave early because Grandpa was having eye issues, and we all thought he had a detached retina- he fit all the symptoms. Great-grandma Rose stayed behind for a few more hours and played with Rori. Noah also discovered Rori's Snow White princess and carried her around in a car seat for part of the day.

After Jaime and I finished labeling clothes, the kids used them to jump off of... well, not all the kids. Noah wouldn't jump unless Daddy or Uncle Bill held his hands. Liam was a crazy dare devil boy. Below are some pictures of the day. Please note, that Liam's face is NOT covered in blood- it's frosting from the cookie.