Friday, February 20, 2009

A dog and his lambie-doodle...

Chili Dawg has this special toy. It's a lambie-doodle. What's a lambie-doodle you ask? Well, it's a lamb, with curly hair, that bleats when you squeeze it. He takes special care of his lambie-doodle- carries it everywhere he goes. It's the first thing he grabs in the morning, and the first thing he grabs when I let him out of his crate after school. We got it for him a couple years ago. I have to put it away every now and then, because Finchy isn't so gentle with it. I've sewn the legs back on several times, and eventually I grow weary of sewing for a while. Whenever I bring the lambie back out though, Chili turns back into a puppy, which is nice to see, because he's had a rough winter this year.


  1. It looks kind of like mom's sock monkey...

  2. What a sweet old boy...too bad he killed lambchop, then you could have had a back up. Love MOM