Wednesday, February 4, 2009

My boy and the Bell...

If you know Ryan, you know that he loves Taco Bell. We don't know why he likes it, because being a food scientist has turned him into a snob. Ryan loves authentic mexican food, and we all know that Taco Bell is no where near authentic. Nevertheless, Ryan would eat it every day if he could.

Noah has recently joined Ryan in the love of Taco Bell. He is fond of the bean burrito. Check out the pictures below- why we gave him a fork to start with, I'll never know, but he made sure the burrito wasn't alive before he began to enjoy it, after he had his first bite.


  1. Guess what Gma and Gpa are having tonight? You guessed it Taco Hell! I just hope they remember the meat! Love MOM He is SOOOOOOOOOOO Cute!

  2. He looks so much older in those pictures than he did on Saturday. I hope he didn't get the after effects of the bean burrito ;)