Tuesday, February 17, 2009

The Softer Side...

Today, Noah discovered my Buzz Lightyear figure- it's not really a doll, because it's not soft. It's made of hard plastic, and used to talk when you'd push a button. I had put it in his closet up on a shelf until he wanted it. Today he saw it and pointed to it, so I brought it down. He grabbed Buzz, and immediately said "down'tairs", so we went downstairs carrying Buzz. He arranged his furniture to look like a crib, and said "nigh, nigh" and laid Buzz in it. Then he ran back to the steps and wanted to get his "nigh nigh" blanket. I wasn't allowed to go up the stairs with him. Every time I tried, he turned around, said "no" and pointed to the bottom of the stairs. After he got up to the top, he disappeared into his room, and appeared at the top of the steps with his blanket- I carried him back down the steps (of course I followed him up the steps, have you seen how many steps we have in our house?), and we put Buzz "nigh nigh". Then we put Noah "nigh nigh" with Buzz. When Daddy came home, we repeated the same routine- complete with getting the blanket from upstairs- because, silly Daddy had brought it back upstairs.


  1. I want to be Buzz Light Year with Noah...he is so smart...Love Grandma Vicki

  2. He's going to be a good big brother--until he learns what Liam does with the barbies--he cuddles them and then starts beating them on the shelf or dresser or whatever.

  3. I hear he flung him To Infinity and Beyond--Buzz Lightyear.