Sunday, February 1, 2009

Super Bowl Saturday...

Yes, I know that the Super Bowl is on Sunday, today, but with our kids, we decided to do it on Saturday. That gives all of us a chance to indulge in the gluttony that is part of the super bowl, and allows all of us (kids included) to recuperate on Sunday. So we all went to Jaime's house to do our Super Bowl party. There's a bakery in McHenry that makes these cookies, and Grandma Vicki bought 3 of these football cookies, and 1 valentine's day cookie for the kids (now if you're counting, there are only 3 kids... but then if you count me there are 4). Rori picked the "beautiful heart cookie", which left the football cookies for Liam, Noah and myself.

Since there wasn't a football game to watch, Jaime and I labeled all the girls' clothes that she is very generously letting us borrow. Seriously, I don't think ladybug will need any new clothes for her first year of life. They had one gigantic bin of clothes, and then a smaller tub of clothes. While Jaime and I labeled, Liam napped and then Noah napped, and Ryan and Bill played the Wii. Grandma Vicki and Grandpa Jim entertained the boys, until they had to leave early because Grandpa was having eye issues, and we all thought he had a detached retina- he fit all the symptoms. Great-grandma Rose stayed behind for a few more hours and played with Rori. Noah also discovered Rori's Snow White princess and carried her around in a car seat for part of the day.

After Jaime and I finished labeling clothes, the kids used them to jump off of... well, not all the kids. Noah wouldn't jump unless Daddy or Uncle Bill held his hands. Liam was a crazy dare devil boy. Below are some pictures of the day. Please note, that Liam's face is NOT covered in blood- it's frosting from the cookie.


  1. Love the photos...great work Momma...Love MOM

  2. Baby Noah will be teaching Baby Ladybug how to do that soon. I shudder to think of the trouble they're all going to get in to.

  3. Congrats on your little girl, Jenna! When is she due? Your Superbowl Saturday party looks like fun! The next few years should be full of good cousin stories, I'm sure.
    --Anna (Jaime's friend)