Thursday, March 3, 2016

My Baby Boy Turns 9 Today...

Everyone tells you not to blink.  That time goes by so quickly.  I didn't believe them at first, but I do now.  Noah turns 9 years old today.  It was just yesterday that I held him in my arms and we rocked in the rocking chair and listened to Plumb's song, "In My Arms".  Now, my baby boy almost comes up to my shoulder, and while he still snuggles in my lap, I can't just swaddle him and hold him like I did when he was a baby.

There is so much I want to write about you, Noah, but you always tell me that it's embarrassing, so I will keep it short and sweet, with only 10 things.

10.  I love that you love to create. Right now you obsessed with the sinking of the Titanic and took it upon yourself to build yourself a Lego version of the Titanic.  You also love to build and you spent the entire day building your K'Nex Ferris Wheel.

9. I love that you love to read.  You constantly have your nose in a book, and you carry 2-3 books with you everywhere you go, in case you finish one or get bored reading one of them.  Your favorites include Harry Potter (but you can only read up to number 3, even though you want to read farther), the Zombie Chronicles, Big Nate, Humphrey, the 13 story treehouse series and the Jedi Academy.

8. You love all things Harry Potter, just like your mom.  We can talk about Harry Potter all day long and never get tired of it.  I can't wait until we go to Universal Studios and get to experience the Wizarding World of Harry Potter together.

7. Besides Harry Potter, Star Wars is your favorite.  You are a true Jedi.  You were so excited to get to miss the half day before Christmas break to go and see star wars with your dad and your cousins.  In fact, you were so excited after the movie, that you even blurted out about Han Solo as soon as you saw me.

6. You love to play guitar.  You are doing such a great job with your lessons, and were so excited when your teacher taught you part of the theme to Harry Potter as well as Darth Vader's march.  You aren't a fan of practicing every day, but if you could practice every other day you would be a happy camper.

5. You are a wonderful swimmer.  You work so hard to perfect your dives.  You have an amazing backstroke, you leave everyone in the dust even though you are one of the shortest kids in your level.

4. You love your sister and are a good big brother.  As soon as you got to the hospital the day of her seizure, you ran up to her and held her hand while she laid on the bed.  You kept trying to make her laugh while she was miserable and you made sure to bring home her valentine's because she missed her valentine's day party at school.

3. You love your cousins.  You guys have a really close relationship and it's fun to see you all play together.  It's even funnier to see you guys try to talk to each other on the phone or over the app on the kindle.

2. You love your grandparents and great-grandmothers.  You enjoy sending your grandparents text messages and talking to them on the phone.  You enjoyed going to Florida with them last summer and doing the Disney experience with both sets of grandparents.

1. You have the best heart of any kid around.  You desire to help everyone and if you could, you would volunteer at Feed My Starving Children every single week.  It makes your heart hurt to know that there are kids who go hungry in the world.  You love going to SouthField Big Kids.  You don't like when you have to miss going because someone is sick or you are sick.  You love to learn about Jesus and it shows in your actions.

Happy Birthday, Baby Boy, we love you so very much!