Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Blessings and little boys

Yesterday, when I picked Noah up from Theresa's, he was running around like a crazy boy! I wished I had had the video camera, because it was hilarious. Then, he began bringing me toys that he played with and running away from me. He has this trick where he goes limp whenever he wants to be silly. So, I was putting on his shoes, and then I stood him up, and he fell backwards, like you do in one of those trust exercises. Fortunately, I was right behind him and caught him. So I stood him up again, and he repeated himself. This went on and on. He thought he was the funniest thing ever.

I put him in his car seat, and we left to go to the ob/gyn. I pulled out my cell phone to check on my dad (he had cataract surgery yesterday), and I hear "la la la la, la la la la, Elmo's world". Noah had pulled out his Elmo cell phone and was talking on it too. He started to repeat some of my words while I was on the phone- "okay, then", "love you", "buh bye".

I had packed a bag of things to occupy him at the doctor's office- you never know if the doctor is on time or not. First, Noah charmed the lady behind the desk. Then we sat and watched the fishies in the fish tank, and he would point out the Nemo fish every time it went by. Then we got called back, and Noah brought his cup of fishies, and tried to give some to the nurse, who told him, "No thank you, sweetheart".

Time came to listen to the heartbeat. I put Noah up on the table with me- he likes this part, and pulled up my shirt. Noah pointed to my belly and laughed (he does that a lot). Then the nurse put gel on my tummy and the equipment and turned it on. Noah became very still, and looked from my tummy to the nurse over and over again. Then he asked, "Baby?".

After the nurse left, I pulled out some coloring pages I had printed off of the internet of Thomas, Manny, and Elmo, and some crayons. Noah got all excited and started to color. Then, I noticed an odor, and had to change his diaper. I put him up on the table, and he pulled his shirt up and pointed to the gel. He wanted to see if there was a baby in his tummy too! It was so cute. I grabbed the gel and pretended to put some on his tummy, and then I made the noise and he started to giggle.

When the doctor came in, Noah went up to him and started to show him all his Thomas pictures that he had. The doctor was really nice and knew all of Thomas' friends and pointed them out to Noah- Noah is just getting into Thomas so I don't know all his friends yet. It was really nice. Then after the visit, he gave Noah high five and left.

Noah was such a good boy, it's a real blessing to be his mom. He was so happy and charming. Ryan came to the appointment, but missed it, but as soon as Ryan walked into the room (we were packing up to leave), Noah yelled, "Daddy!" and brought Ryan his coat to put on him. Baby ladybug is going to have an excellent big brother.


  1. Awww...I knew he was a baby big bird. What a sweetie

  2. Darn tootin! Can't wait to see you on Saturday, my little Ray. Love Grandma