Sunday, January 4, 2009

Happy New Year...Late...

So, as I figured, I wouldn't be one of those daily bloggers. We were supposed to go up to my parents' house for Christmas Eve, but Noah ran a fever that day and he took 2 naps (always a sign that he doesn't feel well) and Chili had re-injured himself the night before, so we post-poned our visit. We ended up driving up on New Year's Eve morning.

I, of course, made sure everyone was packed for 2 nights (we had only planned to stay one, but you never know). However, in my expertise of coordinating, I only packed pajamas, socks and underwear for myself- something we found out on New Year's Eve night.

We got there around 11:15, and we waited for my dad to get home from a wake he had gone to. While we waited, I of course, got hungry, so Ryan whipped up this really yummy artichoke dip that we snacked on. Noah wanted to go down to the family room to play, and while we were down there grandpa came home. Noah began to dance in place and yell. We all swear we heard him yell, "Grandpa, get your butt down here!"

After grandpa changed his clothes, we went to Tacos El Norte- my favorite Mexican food place around (of course there isn't one down by us, so it's a special treat to get to go there). I had the chicken enchiladas with green sauce- and if you ever go there, you should order those- Ryan would disagree and say you should get 3 steak tacos, but either way you will be full and happy. Noah ate all of grandma's " 'mole" (guacamole), so grandpa had to order him another side of it.

Then we put Noah down for his nap, which came a little later than we would have liked. Especially for Noah who has his routine and is a terrific little napper. He had a meltdown before we got him into the pack and play, and so I covered him with his duck blanket (which he had to have over his head) and sang very off key. This calmed him down, but he still only took an hour long nap (he is usually good for a 2-3 hour nap).

While we were there, Ryan set up my mom's new computer. My dad had bought my mom a new computer for Christmas, and so Ryan was moving all of her pictures, scrapbooking papers, and quotes over to the new computer. It should have been easy, but everything that could go wrong did.

I didn't sleep well the first night- I think I got about 2 hours combined, but Ryan slept like a rock- as did Noah. In the morning, my dad made me some coffee, and grandma let Noah help make pancakes for us. We didn't see much of Ryan that day- he spent his day in the office trying to transfer files. Noah was entertained by grandma and grandpa- I was exhausted and basically useless. Grandpa and Noah played at the sink with measuring cups and water, and also played grandpa's piano. Grandma and Noah cooked together, played play-doh, and choo choo train. Noah had a great time.

Oh, and my dad let me borrow a sweat suit to wear while I washed my clothes. It was really comfy :-)

By 9:00 pm on New Years, Ryan had most of the files transferred, and transferred the ones he had missed the next morning. Noah was sad to leave (we all were), but we needed to get home. It was a fun visit :-)

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  1. I had to borrow a pair of dad's sweatpants once while i was there too. I had spilled water all over myself. They were really nice and i didn't want to give them back.