Sunday, January 25, 2009

My Sister-in-Law...

This is Candise, Ryan's sister. She is a fantastic sister-in-law, and has kept Noah in fashion. If it wasn't for Candise, Noah wouldn't have that much to wear. She also sends us hand me down clothes for Noah. Candise lives in Buffalo, which is not very close to where we live. We used to see Candise and Dale, JJ, Anna, and Sam at least once a year, but now we don't see them very often. You see, Ryan's parents used to live in Ohio, which is right in the middle for both of us. So we would at least see them at Christmas or Thanksgiving, and sometime in the summer. Now that Ryan's parents live in Arizona, we're in the middle, but it's not really in the middle (a nine hour drive as opposed to a 5 hour drive).

We drove out to Buffalo for Noah's first Christmas, and he loved Auntie Candise. Something about Candise draws kids to her, and it's very special. She's also a very cool mom. She does really cool crafts with her kids, like making gingerbread houses, and coming up with games to play. Candise is also very crafty herself- she had made Noah some very cool tye-dyed clothes, and when he would wear them, we would always get compliments on them.

On Thursday, a package arrived from Grandma and Grandpa Mahlberg, and in this package was some tye-dyed clothes that Candise had made for baby ladybug. THEY ARE SO CUTE! Also in the package were some very cute ladybug outfits for baby ladybug (thank you grandma and grandpa).

Check out all these tye-dyed clothes! Aren't they awesome?!?

Thank you Candise, for keeping both our kids in very cool clothes. We love you and miss you so much!


  1. Auntie Candise is cool--can she make some for my kids--or teach you to do it for my kids?

  2. I want one too! I wanted to see the ladybug outfits...Love MOM