Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Noah's 2 Grandmas

Noah is blessed with 2 wonderful grandma's. There's Grandma Vicki (my mom) and Grandma Johnda (Ryan's mom). My mom and dad live in Illinois in the house I grew up in- it's not that close to our current house, almost 2 hours away, so they don't see Noah as often as they'd like. Ryan's parents live in Tucson, so they definitely don't see Noah as often as they'd like.

At Thanksgiving, the Mahlberg's flew to IL to enjoy Thanksgiving with us. We had a really nice visit. Noah warms up to new people (or people he hasn't seen in a long time) fairly quickly, so it didn't take long before he was leading Grandma Johnda around by her finger. They built quite a few towers in our living room together. Grandma Johnda is an expert at garage sales, and every time they visit, she always has some pretty nice clothes for Noah as well, which is very nice as he keeps growing like a weed! Here are some pictures from their most recent visit. Noah cried when they had to leave- he loves his grammy and grandpa (a post will appear later on the grandpa's so don't get jealous boys!).

My mom came down to watch Noah this past weekend, since Ryan had to take me to Diamond Headache Clinic on Monday, and we didn't want Noah to be stuck there (when the weather is nice, we bring Noah and he and Ryan go to the Lincoln Park Zoo, but January isn't a good time to do that). It was good that Noah stayed with Grandma, because we were there for over 3 hours! Anyway, Noah and Grandma always have a good time together. They played "play play" (play-doh), watched parts of "Cars", played on all levels of the house, and wrestled. It was also nice to have my mom here, because Ryan and I seem to have gotten Noah's "plague" and the 2 of us were running low on steam with Noah who is finally feeling better and has a lot more energy. Grandma kept him entertained so we could rest a little more than if she hadn't been there. She even got Noah to eat, which is a good thing since he hadn't really eaten in 2 weeks. Noah cried when Grandma had to leave on Monday afternoon, and this morning went into the guest bedroom (soon to be ladybug's room) and looked for her. Here are some pictures of Noah and Grandma.


  1. I know I posted something! Love the look a like shirts and love my Ray...I am lucky to see him as much as I do. Love MOM Grandma

  2. I like the matching shirts :) And Noah and Johnda have the same expression in that third picture--down to the way they're holding their mouths! too cute!