Wednesday, January 7, 2009

All Better!

So on Monday, Noah was in a great mood when I picked him up from Theresa's (I was sure he would be mad at me like at the start of the school year). We had a fun afternoon playing and giggling, and then around 5 o'clock, he started to get fussy- which as I said before, this kid is always happy. He wouldn't eat dinner- we had quesadilla's and 'mole (one of his favorites), and he just cried while he sat at the table. We decided that it was probably due to his routine changing, so we gave him a bath and put him to bed early. He didn't even rock in his crib.

Around 10:30 that night, he started to babble and giggle in his crib. I could hear him playing with his fishie aquarium that's attached to his crib. I was exhausted, so I turned the sound down so that I could go into a semi-sleep state (I am a very light sleeper). Eventually, by 11, his crib party ended and I fell asleep.

Tuesday morning, I open the door to his room, and I catch this odor. You know what I'm talking about, the vomit odor. Ryan was literally walking out of the door (fortunately he was running a few minutes late) when I yelled for him to come up and help me. Noah was covered in dried vomit, as was his crib, his duckie blanket (Theresa made it for him and he likes to sleep with it) and his 2 stuffed animals. Noah was in his crib moaning, and his face was all flushed.

Since I teach early bird, I told Ryan I could call in for the regular day, but it was too late to get me a sub for early bird, and if he didn't mind going in a little late, I'd be home after early bird. He told me he didn't mind staying home and that I could go to work (thank you, Ryan- finals are next week, and I'm still teaching in both my classes). I helped Ryan clean things up and get Noah changed, and gave him ibuprofen and left.

Noah took 2 naps yesterday- morning and afternoon, and when I came home he was better. Ryan ended up giving him a bath in the morning, because when you sleep in your vomit, it gets in your skin somehow. His fever came back that night, and he went to bed a half hour early. Ryan and I felt guilty that we didn't hear him throw up in the night (normally he cries when he throws up, but this time he didn't) and we checked on him multiple times throughout the night. (What if he had choked on his vomit the night before, you know?).

This morning, Ryan waited until I got Noah up to see if he needed to stay home again, but besides being a little cranky, Noah's fever was gone. I took him to Theresa's, but told her to call me if anything happened. I called during my plan period, and she said he was running around her house like a wild man (translation he was back to normal).

This afternoon, Noah and I played on every floor of the house, and we played hard- making lots of messes, but Noah helped me clean them all up! Then when we were playing in his room, he started this game where he would turn music on, and we'd dance, and then he'd turn it off, and I would pretend to get sad and he would run over and give me a giant hug. This went on for about 15 minutes. IT WAS WONDERFUL! Then, he changed the game, where when he would turn off the music, he would fall on the floor and pretend to be sad and I would have to give him the hug.

Oh yeah, and I almost forgot. Those of you who know me, know that I am a chapstick addict. Literally. I have chapstick everywhere in the house, and in all my rooms at school. Plus I carry it in my pocket. Anyway, Noah discovered my chapstick today. I put some on, and then he wanted some, so I put a little bit on his lips. Then I gave him the tube... he smeared it all over his nose. Then he looked at me, giggled and ran over to Finchy. Poor Finchy, I don't think he even knew it was coming, and then Noah was putting chapstick on Finch's mouth. Needless to say that tube of chapstick is in the garbage- fortunately it was almost done.


  1. Yay baby Noah! When Rori slept in her vomit, her hair smelled for a week everytime it got wet. It was fantastic!

  2. I remember those days...I used to sleep with you on a blanket on the living room floor with a huge towel and wash cloth. You never threw up just was always many, many into the drive heaves...Love MOM Glad the Ray is okay now. Still can't post a comment at Jaime's blog:(

  3. I don't remember gar ever slowing down even when he was sick! So happy to hear you're going to have someone to play Barbies with soon! I'm jealous. GI Joes and Barbies...remember that? I wish sometimes I could go back...and then it goes away! Love the blog, will be keeping up.

  4. I meant dry heaves! Yikes I do know how to spell...Love MOM