Tuesday, January 13, 2009

No Snow Day...

It wasn't like I was hoping for a snow day, because Final Exams are this week (today for Early Bird, tomorrow and Thursday). Noah can't seem to shake his sickness, and I was looking forward to letting him sleep in today. If it had been blizzardish, Ryan would have stayed home too.

Well, we all know the blizzard warning has been cancelled and is now in effect for tomorrow afternoon.

I got Noah up this morning, and he cried. We snuggled for a little while and then I had to get him ready, and he cried. When we got to Theresa's he wouldn't let go of my leg. I told her to call me if I need to come get him- I had to be at school to give my early bird final, but the rest of the day we're just reviewing and my kids could use me but it's not super important for me to be there.

After I got Noah untangled from my leg, he went into the corner and just started to cry. Theresa went and got him, and when I left the 2 of them were sitting on the couch together. I wanted to cry with Noah.

I wish I could be a stay at home mom.

This afternoon we watched part of "Cars" for the millionth time since he threw up last Tuesday. I miss when he's the little hurricane that he normally is, because he likes to play so much. It's been nice to have him sitting on my lap, reclining, but I want him to not be miserable.

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  1. I wish you could too, now I'm going to go and cry in a corner with all of you. I sorry Baby Noah and MOMMA. Love Grandma My heart is hurting for you.