Thursday, February 26, 2009

Future Scientist?

Tonight I was supposed to meet my friend Sandy up at school to set up the heart lab practical that we are giving tomorrow in Anatomy. We were going to meet there at 6 after our husbands had gotten home from work and could be with our kids. She called me a little after 4, to tell me her husband was already home, so she was going to set up the practical and I could stay home.

Well, that didn't seem fair to me. A lab practical is hard enough for 2 people to set up. The last time, it took 2 of us almost 45 minutes to do it, and we didn't have to find good specimen to do it. So, I told her to start and I would be there in 10 minutes with Noah.

Noah likes going to my school- it's new, and big, and shiny. He really likes to take the elevator, which is fine with me. So I met Sandy in the Anatomy room, and I started taping down questions, and she went to get the hearts. She put the box down on the floor, and Noah ran over to it. Then she pulled out the bag of sheep hearts, and Noah let out this big "OOOOOO!" Kind of like an excited squeal. He was showing a little too much interest in them, so we told him they were "yucky" and he didn't go by them again.

He did spend quite a bit of time roaming the classroom. Opening and closing the fume hood, trying to reach the safety shower handle, looking at the different models of the human body that we have, giving the skeletons "high 5s". He also stood on a chair and watched Sandy and I tag the hearts, but he made sure he didn't touch anything. Towards the end he got a little bored, so I gave him some markers and paper and he amused himself by coloring. Overall he was a good little boy.

He even brought Sandy his shoe that had come off, and sat down and let her put it back on, while I washed my hands. Then, he gave Sandy a high 5 and said "bye!" and then we left. We of course took the elevator back downstairs, where he took off running down the hallway. He got to meet one of my favorite people, Beth and gave her a high 5. Beth told him to come back and see her, and he said, "okay, buh bye!" and took off again.

So, maybe science is in Noah's future... I mean he does seem destined for it, given what Ryan and I do for a living, but I'll let him make his own decision.


  1. I wish I could have seen little boy in the science lab!!!

  2. Glad he didn't touch. Wish you had a picture of when he tried to put the keys in the electric socket! Love MOM PS Thanks Sandy for saving him from having really curly hair.

  3. Or, maybe he will become a famous heart surgeon and find the perfect cure for A-Fibs.