Sunday, March 1, 2009

Birthday Celebration # 1

We are blessed to have these special friends, Jeff and Jenny, who have become Noah's surrogate Aunt and Uncle. Ryan and Jeff work together, and Jeff is the one who has helped shape Ryan into the cook that he has become. Jeff and Jenny are both chefs (they work at different companies). Anyway, we invited them to Noah's birthday party, but they are unable to come, so we did a mini-birthday celebration for Noah yesterday.

Jeff and Ryan made dinner- hot wings and fries, Noah had nuggets and fries. Jenny made a gazillion desserts. The main one being Noah's birthday "cake". She knows that Noah is totally into choo-choo trains right now, so she made him a choo-choo out of rice krispie treats!

During dinner, Noah became what we like to call, "the dirty child". He managed to get ketchup all over his face and in his hair. It was close to bedtime, so we let Noah have some "cake". Noah was so excited, he didn't know what part of the train to try. By the time he decided, he was covered in stickyness. So, before he could open anything, we had to give him a bath (which is why in the present pictures, his hair is wet). Jeff and Jenny had brouth over 3 presents, and told us to let Noah open them throughout the week (nice). In the package he opened last night, was a sleeping bag that Jenny had made out of fleece- covered in dinosaurs, a toy plane, a safety hat and goggles (for when he's working like daddy does), 2 books, and a couple of thomas choo-choo trains. Of course he immediately had to open the choo-choo trains and played with those until we decided it was time for him to go to bed. Today he opened another package from them (the pictures in the Nemo shirt), and it had 2 trucks in them (we hid one of them for a rainy day). He loves the trucks- they have interchangable parts, so he can make it just a truck, a dump truck, or a tow truck. Of course, they also make sound, but that's alright.

Thank you, Jeff and Jenny. We are truly blessed to have you in our family, and know that Noah loves you!


  1. Can Jenny and Jeff be my surrogate aunt and uncle too?

  2. What a very nice day...greasy, fried, marshmellowy and presents, who can ask for anything more. Thanks Jeff and Jenny. Love MOM