Monday, March 16, 2009

Dear Daddy Part II...

Dear Daddy,

I missed seeing you today. Mommy said you told her that you loved me and would see me soon. I had a couple mini meltdowns for Mommy this afternoon. The first one came after the chiropractor- she didn't have any milk for my sippy cup in the car! I cried almost the whole way home because I wanted milk. My second meltdown came when Mommy said it was time for dinner, but I wanted to stay outside. I was chasing Finchy around the yard to get even with him for chasing me in the house. Mommy made me come inside, because she said pregnant ladies need to eat. She made us sundried tomato pita pizzas, I ate half of one.

I learned how to open the screen door today from the inside and from the outside. I learned it all by myself. Mommy said that now it's going to have to be locked if we're playing inside so that I don't just wander to the back yard. She said it's for my safety, so I guess she's right. I also found the drawer where you hid my Nuk. Mommy was cleaning up after dinner, and I explored the drawers. She was sure surprised when she saw my Nuk in my mouth, and then she asked me where I got it and I showed her the drawer I found it in, "see?".

Mommy had to give me a bath tonight because I got pretty dirty playing in the back yard. She got me dressed in the bathroom- she said it was easier than carrying me to my bedroom. I guess that's why you've been carrying me lately. She read me some stories at bed time, too, but she doesn't read them as good as you. I went to sleep pretty quickly, I think the outside air was good for me. Mommy seems more sick after the chiropractor visit, but hopefully she will be feeling better in the morning.

I'll see you in the morning, Daddy. I love you!



  1. Hey Jenna,

    This is so sweet. I hope you are feeling better today & that Ryan makes it home safely SOON!

    Take care!

  2. I wish I lived next door...very sweet...Love MOM

  3. OH, that makes me soo sad, I wish I could be home right now. ILY

  4. What a sweet boy! I wish we lived closer and we could play and have dinner together!