Monday, March 16, 2009

Dear Daddy Part I...

Dear Daddy,

I woke up at 4 AM this morning, but then I rocked myself back to sleep. Mommy told me she didn't sleep too well last night- I could hear her coughing. I missed seeing you this morning- you must have left for work early. Mommy and I watched Manny this morning and she let me help her put Finchy in his crate- I got to give him the cookie. I didn't want her to leave when she dropped me off at Theresa's house. I kept giving her hugs, but she told me she had to go to work and would be back to get me right after school got out. Then we are both going to the chiropractor- Mommy told me she feels like an elephant is sitting on her chest.



  1. Very sweet post...makes me want to cry.
    Tell that elephant to get off Momma's chest. Love Grandma

  2. Wushy, I'm worry little boy woke up so early, and I was there to hold me. ILY

    PS, the ice cream sucks in Holland