Monday, March 2, 2009

Uncle Dale and Auntie Candise...

Last week, Uncle Dale came to stay with us for a few days. He had a conference in Chicago, so he stayed at our house and took the train downtown. We didn't see much of him, except for the day he arrived. Noah was shy around him for all of 10 minutes, and by the time he had to go to bed, he was taking Uncle Dale by the finger and having him build towers with him.After Noah went to bed, Dale asked us if Noah liked choo-choo's. Silly question. Noah LOVES choo-choo's. So Dale and Ryan went out to the car, and brought in this big box of Thomas the Train tracks and trains that they were passing down to Noah. Holy cow, there's a lot of trains and tracks for Noah to play with. We play with them almost every day. We are cycling through the trains, so Noah only has 5 out at a time, but boy does he love to play choo choo! Thanks guys!


  1. I love choo choo trains, my dad worked for the Chicago Northwestern Railroad. Love MOM

  2. those look like nice train sets!