Sunday, March 8, 2009

Noah's Birthday Party!

Noah's birthday party was on Saturday. I had been hoping for a nice day, so maybe we could be outside for part of it, but that wasn't meant to be. It rained and rained and rained. I took Noah to swim lessons in the morning so that he would take a good nap and be fresh for his party. Ryan stayed home and cleaned the house and did the rest of the food preparations (I know, my very own Cinderella). On the way home from swimming, Noah and I stopped and he picked out 3 balloons for his birthday (1 for him, 1 for each of his cousins). Is anyone surprised that he picked out Mater balloon? The other 2 were Elmo (his second favorite).Grandma, Grandpa, and Great-grandma Rose arrived right before his nap, and he was very excited to see them. Grandpa and Ryan took our 2 dogs to PetSmart to get "beautiful". If it hadn't been muddy and rainy, it would have been fine to have them still at the house, but with all the commotion and no place to go, it would have been chaos with 3 dogs stuck inside the house (Sarge came down to visit).

Auntie Jaime, Uncle Bill, Rori and Liam showed up right on time- but for the rest of this post, we will refer to Jaime and Bill as the "sickersons"- as they both have the death plague. Most of us ate lunch together- Noah slept, and Liam was more interested in playing with his and Noah's cars. Lunch was good. Ryan and his friend Jeff (Uncle Jeff from a few posts ago) had cooked beef and deli sliced it at work. It was like eating Portillo's beef- mmm, good. We also had some more of Noah's favorites- 'mole and chips, french fries, and fruit salad. Don't worry, we saved some for when Noah got up.

Noah got up from his nap, and didn't want to sit and eat lunch, but was content to sit on Ryan's lap and eat while he watched his cousin's play. Then came present time. It was a "Cars" birthday for Noah! Grandma Vicki had found a "Cars" t-shirt with Mater and McQueen and Ramone on it. Noah immediately made her put it on over his long sleeve shirt. He wore it the rest of the day, and was upset that he couldn't wear it to bed- it's not warm enough to sleep in a t-shirt yet. He got a lot of "Cars" stuff from everyone, and we had to open them up. Noah and Liam had a really good time playing with the cars together, and Rori joined in with Sally. Noah had a good time with Rori as well. She kept calling "Baby Noah", and he would go and find her. It's good that Noah has a sibling on the way to play with.

After that, Ryan and Grandpa went to pick up our beautiful boys and then we had cake. It was the first time I attempted a theme type of cake, and it turned out alright. It took me over 2 hours to cut, frost and decorate it on Friday night. Noah didn't eat any cake, but he liked watching Liam and Rori eat it. Then all the kids decided it was time to go back and play with the cars.
Eventually, it was time for everyone to go home. Noah's lower lip came out as he said good-bye, especially to Grandma and Grandpa. Then he went up to bed, and slept for more than 12 hours! It was a good day.


  1. The food was excellent! The cake was fabulous! and the boy was adorable. Thank you for sharing your toys with your cousins, baby Noah!

  2. It was a great and yummy birthday...I wish we could have stayed but G & G were fried from the bad week we had. I like Mayer too (Mater) and your cake was wonderful...the food was great....Love Grandma