Thursday, March 19, 2009

Dear Daddy Part V...

Dear Daddy,

Mommy said that when I wake up tomorrow morning, I will get to see you. I hope so! I missed you so much! She also said that you might have a present for me... cool! Today, I had a pretty good day. I woke up happy, and even let Mommy put my eye drops in with very little struggle. I hope we can be done with them soon. This afternoon I played a lot and only melted down once, when Mommy took me outside and I wanted the screen door to be left open. Mommy said it was too cold to leave it open, and I didn't like that at all. She made me chicken nuggets for dinner tonight, but I didn't eat them. I don't know why I haven't wanted dinner the last 2 nights. Hopefully I'll end my hunger strike soon. Mommy says I'm too skinny.

I miss you and love you!


Ryan's plane has officially landed and he is on his way home! Thank you, Lord! 4 days is a long time to be alone, pregnant, sick, with a 2 year old who never stops moving. Ryan did make things a lot easier, he pre-packed me a lunch for every day he was gone with a little note for each day. All I had to do was make my sandwich each night. He also filled a bag with dog treats, so that I wouldn't have to bend over to get them for the dogs every morning and bring them upstairs to their crates. He also made sure we planned out food for dinner all week, so that I wouldn't have to figure it out on my own, and then he made sure we had all those items for dinner. Yes ladies, you should be jealous.


  1. What a nice hubby. We both have keepers :)

  2. Glad the Eagle is home! Try and have a nice restful time. Love you all. MOM