Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Dear Daddy Part VII...

Dear Daddy,

Today I played with Grandma all day! We had so much fun! I taught her how to play trains and showed her how to put the track together. We played Cars for a long time too. We watched parts of movies. I like the part in Nemo with all the fishies the best. Grandma and Mommy say that we need a new DVD player, because Cars wouldn't play and Nemo was skipping even though it doesn't have any scratches on it. Grandma brought me a bunch of books! We looked at them together. My favorite book is all about choo-choos. We looked at it alot.

This morning I watched Mickey with Grandma right before Mommy had to go to work. Grandma was talking to Mommy, and I said, "No talk, Mickey". Mommy and Grandma laughed. Grandma made me peanut butter toast for breakfast. I didn't eat all of it, but Grandma said Chili countersurfed and finished it for me. She said he also ate the rest of the butter. He's naughty!

I took a 3 hour nap for Grandma! She forgot to take off my glasses, but I slept anyway. She came right back to take them off, but I was already sound asleep so she didn't want to disturb me. She also let me stay in my jammies all day! How come you and Mommy make me take my jammies off and put on other clothes? It's more comfortable to wear jammies all day.

Poor Grandma. I had diarrhea all day. She had to change my diaper 6 times! I didn't really eat today either. Mommy brought us home Portillo's for dinner after her doctor's appointment. I didn't really eat any of that either. I did drink milk, though.

Grandpa got me my first transformer! It's pretty cool! Mommy showed me how to make it transform. She said it's not an autobot, which she says are the good guys. That's okay, it's cool anyways.

Mommy says I have an appointment at the specialist tomorrow. She seems pretty nervous. Are you going to come with us?

I miss you and love you! Next time can Grandma stay longer? Can she bring Grandpa and Sarge with too?



  1. We'll pray for your appointment tomorrow baby Noah! I'm glad you had fun with Grandma today.

  2. I love you to the moon and back and it was my pleasure to change your poopie, you laid so nice for me on the changing table. I can't wait for mommy to call me after your appt tomorrow...we will be praying. I love you my little man. Grandma V

  3. Sarge missed Chili and Finch today and Granpa missed Noah. He never gets to see Noah and that's not fair. But we will see him on Sunday at Liam's dedication! We will be praying for wisdom for the Dr. tomorrow and for grace to surroun mom while she waits for an answer.