Sunday, March 15, 2009

Bye-Bye Daddy/Daddy comes home tonight!

This is my original post from Sunday, however my slightly neurotic mother (love you mom!) told me I couldn't post it until Ryan came home. Anyway, Ryan should be on the plane now or boarding since he leaves at 3:45 Amsterdam time and there's a 6 hour difference.

Ryan left for Amsterdam a little while ago. I cried, I didn't want to, because it upsets Noah when I cry, but I couldn't help it. Noah didn't want to give Ryan a hug or kiss- I think he secretly knew Ryan was leaving and was a little mad at him for it. We stood at the door and waved to Ryan as he pulled out of the driveway. Then, Noah went and sat on the steps and started to call for Daddy. I tried to explain to him that Daddy had to go on a trip and would be back soon. The lower lip came out, and Noah turned away from me and buried his head in the steps. We went upstairs to Noah's room, where he continued to call for Daddy, because I just can't rough-house with him the way he wants right now. Ryan lets Noah use him as a jungle gym, and I just can't do that right now. Eventually, Noah said to me, "Daddy Bye-bye?". I said, "Yes, Daddy went bye-bye." Noah stood up on the couch, wrapped his arms around my neck and I took him back downstairs where we watched a little bit of "Cars" before he had to go to bed. Then, while I read him his bedtime stories, he kept looking around and saying, "Daddy?". I think this week and next week are going to be hard on this little boy (and his mommy). Both dogs are sad as well. Finchy just laid at the garage door for about an hour, and Chili went upstairs and laid on Ryan's side of the bed for an hour. I just pray for Ryan's safety, that he comes home soon, that this week goes by quickly, and that I get better, because from my last post, the "sickersons" gave me their death plague, and I do not have much energy for this.

We miss you and love you, Ryan! Travel safe!


  1. I hope this week goes very fast too!!! Poor little buddy. ILY

  2. Kids and pets know when the suitcase comes out...I am sure Noah will slobber all over Daddy when he gets home! You call me and I'll come...I love you all...Love MOM

  3. PS...we'll be praying...God Speed Ryan....