Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Dear Daddy Part IV...

Dear Daddy,

Today Mommy got me a milkshake from McDonald's as a special treat- we had a rough morning. I wouldn't let her put the drops in my eyes, and then after she did, I cried and cried and cried the whole way to Theresa's. I don't know if she will get me a milkshake again, because I was wound up! Well, I guess you could tell when I talked to you on the phone.

She re-heated Aunt Jenny's potroast for dinner, and cut up tomatoes and gave me a bowl of applesauce. As soon as I sat down in my seat, I gave Mommy the sign for all done, and climbed back out before she could get me buckled in. Then I played with my trains while Mommy ate dinner. I learned how to put the train track together, you know, the black one in the changing table bottom drawer. I put together a snake track. Mommy was impressed. She only had to show me one time how the tracks fit together, and then I was off.

After Mommy cleaned up dinner, and we cleaned up the downstairs, we went upstairs to play. Mommy put drops in my eyes again. I didn't fight her too much, but I did cry. Mommy snuggled me on the bed and let me watch some of "Cars" under the covers in your bed. It was nice.

After I calmed down from the eye drops, I figured out how to climb on and off the bed and did that over and over again. Then we went into my room, and I emptied the clothes out of my drawers and then emptied my toy box. I think Mommy was losing her patience, but she didn't yell. I tried to help her clean up. I put one toy back in the toy box.

We read 5 stories tonight, and then Mommy put me to bed. I never did eat dinner, but I did drink a little milk. I fell right to sleep again. I didn't even rock!

I miss you, Daddy! I love you!



  1. Poor mommy and baby Noah! We need daddy to come home soon!

  2. I posted but it didn't take:)
    Is the eagle home yet...welcome home Daddy
    Love MOM