Monday, February 23, 2009

Little Helper Part 2...

Earlier, I had posted about Noah liking to help out around the house. I showed pictures of him helping Ryan tape up baby ladybugs' room to be painted. Now, the room is still in progress- it would have been done this week, but I am re-battling the plague, but here is Noah helping us put up the wall tattoos.On Valentine's weekend, grandma and grandpa came down to occupy Noah so that Ryan and I could finish ladybugs' room. Little did we know that Noah would want to help! So with Ryan, myself, and grandma with Noah's assistance, we were done with the tattoo part in about an hour. It was fast work! I will post the rest of the nursery when I am done painting the ladybugs' on the wall and painting a moon (I'll explain the moon later).

In my super bowl post, I mentioned that my parents have this fabulous little bakery that makes really cool cookies. For Valentine's Day, grandma brought Noah (and myself) a cookie- she brought Ryan a chocolate donut. Here are some pictures of Noah enjoying his cookie- it took him 3 days to eat it! He sure likes to savor the good stuff!


  1. Wow--3 days! That's self control! Can he help us redo whatever room we're going to redo?

  2. I wish I could eat a cookie for 3 days...course it would have to be A LOT bigger. Love MOM