Saturday, February 19, 2011

First Day of Preschool...

This past week Noah started at "Little Cougar Preschool", and no they aren't teaching him to date younger people.  The advanced child development class at my high school is doing a 10 week preschool for $75, which is a pretty good deal.  It's 3 days a week (Wednesday-Friday) for two hours.  Theresa said she wouldn't mind dropping Noah off and picking him up, so Ryan and I signed him up.

Noah started on Wednesday, and Ryan took the day off so he could take him for his first day.  They made pancakes for breakfast and Noah ate four of them.  Then Noah began to pick out his outfit.  He wanted to wear something "special" for his first day.  Ryan had to talk him out of his Winnie the Pooh halloween costume.  He settled on a Halloween turtleneck and sweatpants.  Ryan got to walk him all the way to his classroom and then he stayed for 10 minutes to make sure Noah was doing fine and then he went home until it was time to pick him back up.

When I got home from school, I was immediately bombarded by Noah with shouts of, "Look what I made at school!"  He had a good time.  He even brought home part of his snack to share with his sister.  His favorite part of school is when they do arts and crafts.

I have several of the advanced child development students in my anatomy classes this year, and they tell me that Noah is one of the best behaved kids and that he listens to directions really well.  One of Noah's favorite "teachers" this week was one of my students named, Candace (I think one of the reasons he likes her is because he can remember her name since it's the same as his Auntie Candise's).  During game time, Candace had to sit in the middle of the circle and Noah didn't want her to be alone so he got up out of the circle and sat next to her.  My little boy is growing up!


  1. It makes me want to time goes too fast...he is a good boy.

  2. What a little sweetie!!! I would have loved to be a fly on the wall during the winnie-the-pooh-halloween-costume conversation. I love kids perspective!

  3. Big boy!! I think he should have gotten to wear his Winnie costume! But bill wouldn't have let him either.

  4. I agree! Noah is so well behaved. He always says please and thank you at church and it always makes me smile:)

  5. What a sweet guy! So sweet of him to save some of his snack for his sister.:0)