Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Preschool Graduate...

Noah graduated preschool a few weeks ago.  One of the nice things about him going to the preschool at my high school is that I was able to sneak in during his graduation ceremony and see part of it.  During my 5th period class, I have a co-taught class and when my co-teacher isn't there, I have a TA in with me, Adam.  Adam told me to stay as long as I wanted at Noah's ceremony. 

I walked into the classroom, and I was sure Noah saw me.  Then his teacher thanked all the parents for coming, and Noah said, "My momma isn't here.  She had to work."  His teacher told him that I was right behind him, and I was able to capture part of the look on Noah's face when he started to turn around to look for me.

Then, the high schoolers started to call their names for them to receive their "diplomas".  I got that on video on my camera (not very high quality, but I didn't want to bring my nice camera to school).  If you watch the bottom corner of the screen, there's a little boy who falls off his chair right as Noah goes up to get his diploma- kind of funny (the kid wasn't hurt, so it's okay to laugh).

As a special present, Noah's teacher made each preschooler a scrapbook of pictures of their 10 weeks with the Advanced Child Development kids.  It was really sweet and Noah shows his to everyone who comes over to our house.  My little boy is growing up!


  1. The look on Noah's face is priceless.:0) Congrats to the Graduate!!!!!

  2. My Ray is growing sooooo fast! Love, MOM

  3. I love my sweet special boy! You need to post his new haircut!

  4. Gosh he is growing up so fast!! I cant believe he is already out of preschool that just amazes me! I am glad you were there to see him I am sure he loved that :)

  5. He's so grown up!!!!! What a cutie!