Thursday, July 21, 2011

Finchy & Juliana...

Auntie Jenny passed on some squeaky toys to Finchy and Chili Dawg recently.  Ryan and I immediately labeled them as "outside" toys.  Finchy has a habit of squeaking the squeaky toys over and over and over and over and over and, well you get the point.  Even with the heat this week, Finchy has wanted to spend lots of time outside with his squeaky toys, so we have had to make a few exceptions with the squeakies so that he doesn't suffer from heat exhaustion.  Every day for a couple hours, I let him bring one squeaky into the house and squeak it to his hearts' content until it drives me nuts and I have to send it back outside. 

One of the reasons we love Finchy is because of his gentleness with our kids.  Boxers are known as good family dogs, and I think the video below with Juliana will prove that as well.  He's a sweet boy, even if he couldn't learn a new name when we rescued him.


  1. Go Juli Go...Squeak Finchy Squeak Go Mama and Noah Go

  2. Looks like that game could help wear both of them out.:0) Finchy seems like a very patient dog. Juliana's hair has grown LOTS since I last saw a cute! --Anna

  3. Wow Juliana's hair is so much longer than when I last saw it! Its still so curly and so pretty. She is up and running around with no problem too. I miss you guys so much! Finchy and Chili Dawg too. They are both very sweet dogs :)

  4. I think Igor could relate :) Good boy, Finchy!