Friday, December 30, 2011

A Final Tribute To My Special Friend...

Ever since we had Noah, Ryan makes a DVD of all the videos we record of the kids and dogs from the year and then we send them to all our family members scattered across the country.  This year, Ryan said to me, "I want to end the DVD with a tribute to Chili Dawg".  I told him I wasn't ready to go through all of the pictures of him yet.  I am healing, but I have not reached that part of the journey yet.  Don't believe me?  I have a box of photographs that I ordered before Chili Dawg crossed the Rainbow Bridge that arrived after we put him to sleep.  It is still sitting in the same spot in our bedroom and hasn't moved or been opened yet.

My loving husband understood what I was saying, and sat down at the computer for several days and pulled pictures of Chili Dawg from the 8.5 years that we had with him.  He had only one request of me- I had to choose one of the songs that played in the video.  I didn't want to do that either, but the day came when Ryan forced my hand and I chose a song by Jason Castro (the kid with the dreads from American Idol), and Ryan chose the other song also by Jason Castro.

I know many of you are tired of me writing about Chili Dawg, and that is fine (that's why the heading says "a final tribute").  There are just a couple more things that I would like to share about him before we begin the new year. 

Several people expressed concern that we amputated his leg, saying dogs are meant to have four legs.  We learned through this journey, that as they say on the tripawds website: "dogs are made with 3 legs and a spare".  Since Chili was only with us for a short 3.5 months post-amputation, these "doubters" did not get to see him on his three legs, so I want to share a video of him two months after his amputation.  I don't think he looks like he's having a hard time, do you?

I realize that Chili Dawg was not my whole life.  However, he gave me a gift when he broke me out of my depression after my brain injury.  He was my special companion, my heart dog.  There will never be another one of those.

Today marks four months since Chili Dawg left us, and the last thing I want to share is the video that Ryan put together to remember Chili Dawg.  I think he did a really nice job, he even included my parents' Fred the Beagle & Jaime & Bill's Princess Leia in it who crossed the Rainbow Bridge before Chili Dawg.  So, sit back and enjoy the final tribute to my special friend.


  1. I love the tribute, Jenna. He was obviously loved and loved you, too. My heart felt that one.

  2. I would like to go on record as saying I am not tired of you writing about Chili Dawg. You go ahead and write about him as much as you need/want to! And if someone out there is tired of it - well, they can just skim. :) But you should write what you want to write - not what you think we want to hear. It was very helpful for me to write about our Bailey after she earned her wings. I hope writing about Chili helps you adjust to life with Angel Chili.

    Love the videos.


  3. Beautiful tribute #1...made me cry like a baby. I agree with Jackie, you write what you want. I love you. Mom

  4. Hi Jenna-

    It's Jaime's friend, Lesley. I loved the video of the tribute for Chili-Dawg. Made me immediately start crying. I definitely know your loss... I am still grieving for our sweet Maggie, and she's been gone 6 months now. I picked up her ashes from the vet and they are in a beautiful wooden carved box, and it sits on the kitchen counter- that was her favorite place since she loved food so much. It just gives me comfort having her "there". We have a picture of her on our mantel, and I look at it daily and remember all the sweet memories of her. My hubby and I still get choked up sometimes when we talk about her. We have a new four-legged family member now, and she has definitely helped to ease the pain, but you are right, it's just not the same. The bond we shared with our first "kid" was a very special one. Don't feel bad about writing about Chili-Dawg- your fellow dog lover readers completely understand.

  5. I'm glad you are writing about him, because I think it helps you heal, and helps people to know what a special dog he was!