Friday, September 21, 2012


Well, today I came to the realization that I am getting old.  How did I come to that realization, you might ask?  It's a short story, and may not be that interesting.  One of my friends at school recently moved up to the open Dean position (it had been vacated right at the beginning of the school year).  This left his science classes without a science teacher three weeks into the school year.  And so, the search began to find a suitable replacement.  My friend Sandy and I suggested a young man who had student taught in the district last year, and had subbed for me last year. 

Today, Sandy and I met with this young man after school to fill him in on what he would be teaching next week in Anatomy when he took over.  How does this relate to making me feel old?  Because, this young man, was my student my second year of teaching!  I am getting old!  I am very proud of him for pursuing a career as a science teacher, but still, I'm getting old!  It is hard to wrap my mind around the fact that kids I taught way back in the day are now grown ups.  A funny thing though, he's not sure what to call me now that we are co-workers, ha ha.  I told him that I rarely am called by my first name by anyone in the building (it's always been that way & I don't really remember why), so he can just refer to me as "Mahlberg" just like all the other teachers do.


  1. You can't be old yet! I am the age that you are in my head...did that make sense?

  2. Haha! you are old! That's like when I go to the doctor and they're like 27!