Wednesday, May 28, 2014


Juli is our "extreme" child.  Everything she does or that happens to her always is at an extreme.  For example, Noah falls off a swing, he gets a cut or a bruise.  Juli falls off a swing, and she knocks a tooth loose.

Two Monday's ago, Juli woke up and said she didn't feel good and started dry heaving in the bathroom.  Ryan worked from home and stayed home with her.  She had a low grade fever for most of the day.  Just before bed, I noticed she was more lethargic than usual and took her temperature.  It was 106.  Ryan took her temperature.  Still 106.  Since Juli tends to have febrile seizures when her temperature is high, we knew we were in trouble.  Our pediatrician, as well as Juli's neurologist, had told us what to do when her temperature gets that high: cool her down (they also told us that if we took her to the ER, all they would do is give her Tylenol or Ibuprofen unless she had a seizure).  So, we stripped her down and put her in a lukewarm bath.  Then, she vomited, and the screaming began.  After 20 minutes we had her down to 102, she was done vomiting and I was able to get her to drink some Tylenol.  Needless to say I called in to work for that day.

I took her to the doctor the next day, and after being tested for strep and having her ears and chest checked, we were told it was just a virus that had to run its course.  Awesome.  She ran a fever for the remainder of the week, mainly 103.  It finally broke on Saturday, and then she passed it on to me, yay!

I can say that after staying home with her for a few days, I now have the following movies memorized: Frozen, Monsters University, and Despicable Me 2.  I also got to have some precious snuggle time with my girl who is always on the move, and that was worth all the sleepless nights that I had that week.

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