Thursday, July 17, 2014

Day 4: Evening Luau...

When Ryan used his miles for the Hawaii trip, and we knew all we would have to pay for was the hotel and wherever we would eat cheaply, we decided to splurge and attend a luau.  It was something we both wanted to do and what were the odds that we were ever going to get back to Hawaii again?

After doing some research (because Ryan researches EVERYTHING), we decided on a luau at Paradise Cove.  They even sent a bus to pick us up, and our guide who went by the name "Cousin Rich" was hilarious.  He memorized all 50+ of our names and entertained us on the drive to the luau, teaching us a bus chant (in case people became too intoxicated to remember what bus they needed to get back on to get home), and some bus signals to flash at other luau buses.  We laughed the entire ride there.
Yes, I am actually in a dress

Isn't he handsome?
When we arrived, we were "carded",banded accordingly, given a lei, and had our pictures taken with "island natives".  Then we had time to wander around and do different activities.  I learned how to make a flower bracelet from one of the ladies.  They also showed us how to husk and crack a coconut, how to climb a coconut tree (that kid was CRAZY!).  Time flew by, and then it was time for the ceremony of the uncovering of the pig and we gathered in the outdoor auditorium for that.  It was pretty cool- they did some songs and hulas and showed us what we were going to eat.  We then went back to our tables for the "family prayer" first in Hawaiian and then in English.

Paradise Cove- Nice View, eh?
The ceremony for removing of the pig (it's under the black cloth in the picture)
The buffet lines went very quick and then we were back at our tables to enjoy the meal.  Ryan and I were seated with 2 older couples from Australia on either side of us.  We learned quite a bit about Australia from them.  After we were given time to eat and have dessert, the show started and what a show it was.  My favorite part was the fire dancer from Samoa.  He did stuff with fire that was INSANE.  I got most of it on video so I could show it to the kids when we got home.
A picture of the show- a little blurry because it was dark, but you can see a bit of the flame on the side from the Samoan
Afterwards, we got back on the bus and headed back to the hotel.  "Cousin Rich" again entertained us on the way home.  He was extremely hilarious and gave everyone a hug as they got off the bus.  I have no idea where he gets all his energy, but I could think of a few of my students who would be good at this type of job.
We got back to the hotel at 10:30, and this was the first night we had been up this late and we were tired!


  1. OMG mama you look HOT! Wish we had done the luau. Looks like great fun. Love, MOM

  2. You look cute in a dress!! How fun!

    1. Thanks! Noah helped me pick it out.