Friday, March 3, 2017

Happy Birthday, Noah!

My Baby Boy is 10 years old today!  What?!?  When did that happen?!?  It seems like yesterday we were bringing you home from the hospital.  This year you started 4th grade and you were so excited because you got to have your kindergarten teacher again.  Every day you walk your sister to her class before you go to your class, already a gentleman at 10 years old!

10. This year you put together a team of friends and entered into the "Battle of the Books".  You made sure you knew your book backwards and forwards before the competition began.  Even though your team didn't win, you had a good time participating and are looking forward to competing again next year.

9.  You have one of the most creative minds around.  Your room always looks like a bomb made of Lego's went off, because you are constantly creating or building something new.  The other week you made a zip line for your lego guys from the top of your bunkbed to the floor, and while I almost strangled myself on it, I was still impressed by your building ability.

8. We let you watch the movie, "Sully" with us, and it has become your new "Titanic".  Now you are interested in everything that happened in the Miracle of the Hudson.  You made sure we watched all of the behind the scenes features after we were done with the movie and you are still talking about the movie.

7.  You love dogs and have joined me in the push to add a 2nd dog to our family.  Last weekend you realized that Buster wouldn't live forever and it sent you into tears.  You told me you would go with me to watch, "A Dog's Purpose" so we could do the "ugly cry" together.

6.  This past fall, you learned how to mountain bike and joined me at the bike park doing the different hills.  You didn't let falling off your bike deter you from the park and I look forward to going back there this summer.

5.  You joined your cousin, Liam, and did "Man vs Wild" at camp this past summer, which involved you spending the week living up at your cousins.  While you got a little homesick from time to time you had a great time with your cousins and being out in nature.  Now one of your favorite things to do is to see what new video Coyote Peterson uploads on Tuesday, so we can discuss it.

4.  You are finally going to join the swim team.  After being recruited to join the swim team since you were 7 years old, there may finally be time in our schedule for you to be able to join the swim team.  You have been working so incredibly hard building up your endurance and perfecting your turns, because you love being in the water.

3.  You love to sing, even though you have your momma's singing ability.  Sorry, kiddo, we were not made to be singers, but you keep belting out those songs in the shower or in your room or wherever you are, we LOVE it!

2. You love your family members with all your heart.  You love to see your cousins, aunts,  uncles and grandparents whenever you can.  You love to cook and play video games with your dad, read books and play games with your sister, and create and play your guitar with me.

1. You love Jesus with your whole heart.  God gave you a compassionate heart and you have the desire to want to help everyone who is hurting.  We love that about you.

Happy 10th birthday, Noah James!  We love you so very much!

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  1. I can't believe you are in the double digits. Happy birthday my ray of sunshine! Love, Grandma Vicki