Friday, July 17, 2009

Baby Dedications...

We go to a wonderful church, and have been fortunate to have both of our children dedicated by the same pastor. We were a little slow in getting Noah dedicated, he was a little past 1 year old, but we got him dedicated while our church was at the old building. Since then, our church is meeting in a junior high as we wait to begin building our new building. We were not slow getting Juliana dedicated, as we did that this past Sunday. Both of our kids behaved well. Noah had to take Papa Jim's watch up with him, and Juliana slept through hers.

After each dedication, we had a family get together at our house. This time, we invited other "family" members to join us- Jeff and Jenny, Dori and Mike, and Pam and Tim (who were unable to attend). Ryan grilled up delicious steaks and made 2 different types of salads. Jeff made appetizers, Jenny made a dessert salad, and Noah and I made cupcakes- which Noah then decorated to the best of his ability.

Below are some pictures from their dedications...

Did I mention that Noah was super gassy that day, which is why I'm smiling during the prayer? I was trying hard not to laugh!

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  1. They were both angels! Love MOM