Friday, December 3, 2010


This week basically sucked.  The Children's Memorial episode really upset me.  I still can't talk about it without getting really angry, so I just don't discuss it.  Juliana's therapies this week haven't gone that well.  She hasn't really cooperated, and that can be frustrating.  Yesterday she did have a good session for Occupational Therapy, which was good, she usually cries during that one.  Last night after OT we met with a nutritionist from Early Intervention.  It went how I expected: it was confirmed that we present Juliana a variety of foods, she just doesn't eat enough of them- she takes a couple bites and is done.  We met with the nutritionist for well over an hour.  When I looked at the clock it was 6:10.  We still hadn't eaten dinner, it was almost Juliana's bedtime, and I had wanted to go to Mom Connection which started at 6:45 and it was looking like I wouldn't make it.

We whipped up a quick dinner and ate it.  I texted a friend to see if she was going to go- I was going to use that as my decision of whether or not I was going to go.  She texted back that she wasn't going, so I told Ryan I would just stay home since it was already 6:30.  My husband, sensing that I really needed to go, said, "No, you're going.  You know other people there besides Sandy.  She's not even at your table.  You need to go.  I've got the kids covered."  So, I went.  I got there late, but I still got there.

The discussion last night was about encouragement, something everyone could use.  The cool thing was, before OT yesterday, I had received a card in the mail from Sarah encouraging me.  After the week I had had, the card made my week.  I'm glad I went last night.  It was nice to laugh, have fun, and not think about life in general.

Today, when I checked my mailbox at school, I had a large envelope from Western Illinois University.  I almost didn't open it.  Usually it's information about graduate school programs, and I don't want to go back to school.  I carried it up with me to the Science office and put it down on my desk.  After I opened the envelope, I pulled out a letter and a certificate.  The letter was from the president of the university.  The first paragraph started with: "I consider it a distinct honor to notify you that an incoming student at Western Illinois University, in an anonymous survey, has named you as her or his most inspirational teacher."  Wow!  Even if this is a mixup, it totally made my day, and if it's not a mixup, it's nice to know that I made a difference in someone's life.


  1. I am sure it was not a mix have no idea of the lives you have impacted since you were a little girl. Glad to hear about the letter.

  2. Aww that is so sweet! There is no way that could be a mix-up. Good thing you opened it!