Thursday, May 19, 2011

Conversations With Noah...

Yesterday we were driving to a doctor's appointment and Noah proceeded to ask, "Momma, when is it Noah's Mother's Day?"  "Well, first you have to be a Mom to have a Mother's Day."  "Well, when is it Noah's Father's Day?"  "First you have to be a Daddy to have a Father's Day."  "How do I become a Daddy?"  "Well, first you have to get a lot bigger and older.  Then you need to find a nice girl and get married.  Then you need to have a baby.  Then you will become a Daddy."  "When I have a baby I know what I'm going to name him.  It's the best name I know."  "What is the name?"  "Jesus.  Isn't it the best name, Momma?"  "Yes, Noah."

After we left the doctor's office, Noah asked, "Momma, where am I going to live when I'm a Daddy with baby Jesus?"  "You're going to live in your house with your baby and your wife."  There was a silence.  I tilted my mirror and saw that he was about to cry.  "What's wrong, Noah?"  "I don't want to live in a different house with my wife and Jesus.  I want to live with you and Daddy in my room."  "Well, where are your wife and baby going to live?  I don't think they will want to live with us."  "My wife can live with her mommy and daddy at her house and Jesus can sleep with Juli in her room!"  "What if Juli doesn't want to share her room with Jesus because he's a baby and she's a big girl now?"  "Well, Momma, she's small and she will want to snuggle with Jesus!  Please don't make me live somewhere else!"  "Sweetie, you can live with us as long as you want."  "Thanks, Momma."


  1. That made us laugh and cry! What a sweet boy! These are such good conversations to treasure in your heart. Ours too.
    Grandpa and Grandma Mahlberg

  2. Makes me cry and I've been wondering when one of the kids would want to name their baby Jesus...Sure wish I was around for that one! Love, MOM

  3. How come my little girl got married, moved out of the house and had Noah and Juli? Where is the justice there, huh? (yes Jaime, you got married and moved out of the house and had Rori, Liam and Brendan (and Faith) but this is Jenna's blog.

  4. Aww!! I wish I was there to hear that! Noah is such a sweetheart! I think Noah has some good ideas :)

  5. Just saw this and it was the BEST ever! I just read it to Mike. We laughed, so cute.