Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Momma-Noah Date...

All summer Noah has asked to go on a special "Momma-Noah" date; somewhere without Juliana.  I think with a lot of our days spent around Juliana's therapies he feels like he doesn't get enough attention from me.  So, I've been waiting for the timing to be right for a special date with him.

On Sunday, Ryan mentioned to me that "Kung Fu Panda 2" was at the cheap theater.  Noah has wanted to see this movie since he first saw the previews before school was out.  So, I put in a "call" to one of the kids' favorite babysitters to see if she or her twin sister (also a favorite of the kids) were available to watch Juliana so Noah and I could go on our date.  I got lucky, and one of them was available so we set it up for Tuesday (yesterday).  I didn't tell Noah where we were going, I just told him that we were going on a date.

Tuesday morning, Noah got up and made sure it was the right day for our date.  Then he went and picked out his clothes for our date- he wanted to look nice, so he chose a pair of dress shorts (unheard of- the kid is all about comfy clothing like his mom) and a nice t-shirt.  Then, the bugging began, "Mom, is it time for our date yet?"  "Mom, when's the babysitter going to be here?"  This was all by 7 in the morning.

Finally, it was time for our date.  We got to the movie theater, and Noah still didn't have it figured out (we don't go to a lot of movies).  Then, I bought our tickets and he got super excited.  I had a gift card, so I took him up to the counter and asked him if he wanted to pick out candy or popcorn to bring into the movie, and he looked up at me and said, "Momma, I don't want any candy or popcorn (what kid turns down candy or popcorn when their Mom is offering it?!?)  Could we just share a Diet Coke?"  Since he never gets to drink pop, I got us a drink and we went in and sat down. 

Noah LOVED the movie.  He did get a little scared by the wolves in the movie and needed to hold my hand, but half way into the movie, he yelled out, "Mom, this is the best movie, can we come and see it again?!"  And, he drank most of the Diet Coke himself.  When the movie was over, he said, "This was the best Momma-Noah date ever.  Maybe next year Juli will be old enough to come with us?  Maybe Auntie Jaime, Rori, Liam and Baby Brendan can come too?"  Ahhh, my sweet little man is growing up!


  1. I wish that we had been able to come :( Next time, Noah--and I bet I can convince him to eat some popcorn :)

  2. Hey what about Grandma? Love, MOM

  3. That's fun. I, too, agree that Diet Coke makes movies much more fun.:0) Throw in a little chocolate and it's even better. We've had fun this summer watching all the $1 movies.