Friday, April 6, 2012

A 5 Year Olds Thoughts On Good Friday...

This morning, Noah and Juliana were playing in the other room.  I was watching this video:

All of a sudden, I heard, "Is that Jesus?  They hurted him bad, Momma."  I stopped the video and turned around.  There behind me watching was Noah.  We had been reading to him about Jesus' death and resurrection every Easter since he was two years old.  He asked if he could see the rest of the video.  I said no, because it was too violent.  He kept asking over and over.  I finally said okay, as long as you cover your eyes when I tell you too (some of the scenes from the Passion of the Christ are hard for even me to watch).  He obeyed me and we watched the video and talked about the words in the song and he covered his eyes when I told him to.

At the end, he asked, "Why were the people crying?  Don't they know the rest of the story?  Jesus is going to come back to life in 3 days!"  He may not understand how horrible the crucifixion was, but at least he understands most of the story.