Sunday, April 15, 2012

Chuck Taylor...

Anyone who knows me fairly well, knows that I hate to dress up.  If I could wear sweatpants and a hoodie everyday to work, I would.  I know, I should have been a gym teacher instead of a science teacher, and then I could dress that way.  Oh well.  My way of getting around the "professional dress", is to wear Converse High Top sneakers, or as my students refer to them, Chucks.  I got my first pair when I was a freshman in high school- they are blue flannel, and I still have them to this day.  As the years have passed, I have added to my collection of Chuck Taylors.  I have purple, green, blue, zebra striped, flower pattern, a bright orange and pink pair, you get the picture.  I am always browsing their site to see what they have added.  They now even let you customize your own Chucks.  I already have a pair in the works that I've customized for Juliana for whenever she's done wearing her ankle braces- and believe me, they are cute!

Over the past couple years, they have been adding Dr. Seuss into their collection.  When the movie, "The Lorax" came out, they came out with a couple versions of "Lorax" Chucks.  I, of course, fell in love with them immediately.  Not because I'm a tree hugger, we do recycle at our house and try to be environmentally friendly for the most part, but because they were really cool looking.  For my birthday, my mom and dad gave me money so that I could indulge myself and buy them.

What do you think?  Aren't they cool?  They were a huge hit on Friday with my students and my teacher friends.  Thanks Mom and Dad :-)


  1. You go girl and rock that Lorax! so glad you got them.