Monday, May 7, 2012

First Week of Preschool...

Last Monday was Juliana's first day of preschool.  Her father and I were nervous wrecks, because she had to get on the bus and go to school by herself.  That's scary when it's your first time doing something new.  Even scarier when you are 3 years old.  All weekend we talked about how much fun she was going to have at school, and how cool it is to take the bus.  Monday morning, Juli said "no 'cool, no bus".  I knew it was going to be a tough day for all of us.

Waiting for the bus at Theresa's house

When I dropped her off at Theresa's house, I wanted to stay so I could put her on the bus the first time.  Tino had said it would be okay if I came in a little later, since 1st period is my plan period.  When we got to Theresa's house, Juli became a clingy monkey and it took both Theresa and I to get her off of me.  I knew that if I stayed it would only get worse once it came time to put her on the bus, so I choked back my tears and went to work.  Theresa promised to text me when Juli got on the bus and when she got home.  I also sent her teacher a quick email and asked her if she had time, if she could let me know how Juli's day went.

Theresa texted me, as promised, but she didn't mention how Juli did with the bus (for a reason, I found out later).  I had an email from her teacher after my lunch period.  Juli screamed the whole way to school on the bus, and burst into tears when they went to put her back on the bus after school.  Other than that, her first day went pretty well.  When I picked her up after school, her first words to me were, "Momma, I kaied (cryed) on bus".  She kept saying it over and over again, and my heart broke.

As the week went on, Juli stopped crying on the bus, and every day when I picked her up, she would say, "Momma, rode bus!"  By the end of the week, she was announcing that to her teacher as well.  She still continues to be clingy to me when I drop her off in the morning, but she is doing better with the transition.

Here's the video Theresa sent me.  At the end of the video, if you listen closely, you can hear her crying for Noah.  I watched it repeatedly and ended Monday night in the fetal position on the couch.  I am glad that the rest of her week went better.


  1. Poor Juli! And poor Jenna and Ryan! But she is doing well and was proud to tell us that she rode the bus!!

  2. She is a firecracker. Just know that our mama, daddy and grandma hearts were breaking with yours...but you are doing the right thing!