Sunday, May 13, 2012

Happy Mother's Day, Mom!

In our house, both sets of grandparents have rock star status.  No one knows this better than my mom.  Recently, Juliana learned to say "gamma", and proudly demands grandma's time in her demanding voice, "gamma.  Gamma!  GAMMA! Come, come!"  (Much to my dad's dismay, she cannot say her 'p's yet, so he is also 'gamma'). 

A couple weeks ago, Noah's preschool did an Arbor Day Celebration.  We were allowed to bring siblings along to the park as all of the preschool teachers set up different nature stations with activities for everyone.  I wanted to bring Juliana with, but if you have ever gone anywhere with Juli, you know that her behavior is always a toss-up- you never know who you will get.  I asked my mom if she wanted to come with me, so that way if I had to leave with Juli, Noah would still get to participate.  Grandma said yes.  Of course, on that day, it was nice and chilly out (all week it had been sunny and in the upper 60's).  We braved the cold for about 2 hours before I decided that it was time for us to go home.  Grandma was a trooper through it all, keeping her grandchildren happy and warm during each rotation.

This past week, Noah graduated from preschool (I will do that post a little later).  We invited Grandma and Grandpa down for the ceremony.  Grandma came down a day early and got to spend the afternoon and evening with Noah and Juli.  Noah even dragged Grandma along to his Kindergarten Lap Sit to help him get comfortable in his school for next year.  The following morning, Ryan and I were awakened to Juli's demanding voice over the baby monitor demanding, "gamma.  Gamma!  GAMMA!"  I had to go and wake grandma up so that she could "rescue" Juli from her crib. 

After Noah's graduation, Grandma and Noah had a little bit of time together before she had to drive home.  Noah had told Grandma all about the nest they had built in preschool and how they pretended to be baby birds and ate gummy worms.  So, Grandma and Noah built a nest in our flowers, and Noah was hoping a bird would lay an egg in it.  While Grandma was gathering nest-building materials, she stumbled on an egg under one of our trees.  Noah and Grandma carefully placed the egg in the nest and covered it so it would be warm.  Then Grandma had to say good-bye and get on the road before rush hour traffic.  It's always sad when Grandma has to leave, but it's good to know she is loved!  Happy Mother's Day, Mom!  Love you bunches!


  1. You and your family mean the world to me! Thanks for sharing them with me.
    Thanks for the nice blog...made my day even better. Love, Mom

  2. Ps that computer station was the Coldest Place on Earth!