Monday, June 10, 2013


I was sure that Juliana would be the first child to go to college in diapers (sorry, Jaime, I kind of stole that from you), or at least Kindergarten.  She had no desire to be potty trained.  I have been trying to potty train her since last summer when she was 3.  That was a disaster.  Then we tried over Christmas break.  Disaster.  Spring break?  Not interested.  I won't get graphical here, but let's just say she was happy being wet and stinky.  So, the last month of preschool, Ryan and I talked up potty training big time.  We told her "potty training boot camp" started the first Monday of summer vacation.  We even came up with a lame chant that she picked up and started to say as well.

Sunday night (the night before boot camp), Juli was having "second thoughts" about boot camp, but we told her there was no going back.  Right before bedtime on Sunday, she told Ryan she wanted to sit on the potty, so he put her on the potty and she pooped.  That was a big surprise for us, and I was like, well, maybe this week won't be so bad after all if she has one of them down already.  Oh, silly me.  I spent the next several days cleaning up accident after accident.  No matter how often I put Juli on the toilet (every 15 minutes) she still managed to pee all over herself and the floor, which resulted in tears.  Wednesday, after cleaning up the 2nd accident, I said to her out of frustration, "Juli, if you pee in your Cinderella underwear, the fairy godmother is going to come and turn you into a pumpkin", and Juli said, "Oh no!"  About an hour later, she comes running into the house saying, "Mom, pee is coming! Go potty now!"  And it has been that way (most of the time) ever since. 

On Thursday, Juli was talking to Grandma on the phone and she told Grandma, "If me pee in 'rella undies, 'mother is gonna come and turn me into Punkin Horsie!"  Then, I had to explain what that meant to Grandma.  Of course, Juli has had a couple little accidents here and there, but for the most part, after 4 days I can say that my 4 year old is finally potty trained for the day time.  Now if we could just get her off her high calorie beverage we could be done with diapers/pullups at bedtime, but she would have to eat in order to do that.  I wonder if the fairy godmother has anything for that...


  1. I am so glad that you are having success. Now we will have the 1st college student in diapers! I am also glad to see that you did not retire from blogging like your mother. Now you just need to talk to your sister.--Uncle Bill

  2. Yay Juli!! Brendan is bummed though, because he thought they could share a dorm in college and hide their diapers from everyone else...