Wednesday, August 7, 2013

No More Fatties...

Back in July, my sister Jaime, and I decided that we were tired of not being "in shape".  We really wanted Ryan to be our trainer and tell us, "Don't eat that, fatty!" because we love food.  Ryan said that that was a bad idea.  So then Jaime said, let's just do it through My Fitness Pal.  I agreed, and then we got our mom in on it too.  The 3 of us have been working out and logging our food for just over 20 days now.  I haven't stepped on the scale again, because I really don't want to, but I can see a difference in my body.

Jaime has gotten me addicted to 2 workouts: Insanity and TurboFire. I also have added into the mix, Bob Harper's various DVD's, and he enjoys kicking my butt as well.  1 or 2 days a week, I also run.  Yesterday I ran.  It was a really good run.  I stretched first and then I ran.  I was faster than I was last week, so I ran just a tad further than my usual 3 miles- not much further, just a little.  I stretched when I got home, and then I iced my low back like I usually do.  After my shower, my low back had this ache in it, like the last time I hurt it.  I stretched again and iced again.  Then, we went to the campground where Ryan's parents are staying in their 5th wheel to hang out with everyone.  My low back was hurting more and more.  By the time we got to lunch and had finished, I needed help getting up from the picnic table.  I knew that was a bad sign.  Ryan drove me back home & dropped me off and I called our chiropractor who was able to get me in.

After he examined me, he determined that I had herniated a disc in my lumbar region and that I had sprained my SI joint, which was why I was having difficulty getting up to stand.  With all of this, the muscles around the disc were in spasm, so he hooked me up to a machine that stimulated my muscles for about 15 minutes.  I'm not going to say it was enjoyable, but on a scale of 0-labor pains, it was about a 5.  After that, he adjusted my sacrum and hips for about 15 minutes, and when he was done, I was able to stand without pain.  He then showed me a couple exercises to do at home until I returned the next day (today) for another adjustment.  He also told me to "ice, ice, ice", which I had expected and had some ice packs sitting in a cold bag ready for the drive home.

Today, everyone is going to Starved Rock to hike.  He told me not to go, as that would be bad on this injury.  So I get to stay home and do my cobra exercises and leaning against the wall stretches (that one makes me want to put my fist through the wall because it hurts a lot) and ice, ice, ice in between.  Sounds like fun, doesn't it?  Not really.  I'd rather be hiking at Starved Rock- Ryan and I love to go there.

Hopefully, today's adjustment will go well so that I can go out with them tomorrow and maybe be back to working out later this week or this weekend, because I'm a bit twitchy today.

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  1. I'm sorry you hurt your back mama. It is a B@#$tch. I know I've had the same problem, but certainly not from exercise although I am trying to do better. I like the one best with the tv remote although it makes my thumb and wrist hurt. Love you.