Monday, July 29, 2013

Why I Do What I Do...

People have asked me why I teach, and I don't really know how to answer.  How do you explain something that you love to do?  I teach because of the kids.  I love being around my kids.  Yes, they are my kids.  Sure they belong to someone else, but during the 56 minutes that they are in my classroom, they are mine.  I get the privilege of watching them grow and learn.  Teaching them that if they just push themselves a tiny bit further than they think they can, they can accomplish more than they thought possible.

I do it for moments like this:

Nick, Ryan, myself, Kristen, & Amanda
I had all 4 of these kids at different times (kind of).  On the far right you have Amanda, she was the first one I had.  She was a cheerleader, now she's a Marine Corps Boot Camp Drill Instructor, and she just had a baby boy who is sooooo cute!  Keep Amanda in your prayers, she's a new mom, and Caleb's dad (also a Marine) is currently deployed.
This is Amanda- In case you didn't think that smiling sweet girl was really a Drill Instructor

Next to Amanda, you have Kristen.  I had the privilege of having Kristen twice- as a sophomore and as a junior.  As a Sophomore, I had Kristen in Chemistry and she had a rough start to the school year when she fell and broke her finger and I believe part of her hand and required surgery.  We were able to use her x-rays the following year when I had her again in my Honors Anatomy class.  Kristen is currently a very successful college student at NIU.

On the other side of me is Ryan.  I had Ryan only for one semester, and I didn't even get to have Ryan for the full semester, because I went into labor with Noah.  He did work hard for me while I was there and he was great for my maternity sub.

At the end is Nick, and he is the reason we are all together.  On Saturday I was invited to his graduation party.  Nick graduated from high school.  Here's the funny thing: I NEVER had Nick as a student.  Why were you at his graduation party then, you might ask?  When Nick got to high school, Kristen was also still in high school.  Kristen made sure Nick knew who I was.  Nick visited me almost every single day, especially his junior and senior years of high school, even though I was NEVER his teacher. 

Can you tell that this family is extremely special to me?  All four of them are amazing people, and you should meet their parents!  This is why I do what I do. 

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  1. Everyone should be lucky enough to have a teacher like you!