Monday, July 15, 2013

The Big Sleepover...

So, Ryan and I had this idea of having Jaime's 3 kids come down and spend the night before Rori's birthday party so that Jaime and Bill could get their house ready for the big bash.  The night before, Jaime called and warned me that Liam (6) and Brendan (3) were having second thoughts and may not come, which I totally understood, because Noah is also a huge Momma's boy and homebody.

Friday morning, Jaime called me and told me the boys were a "go", so Ryan picked them all up after he finished summer hours and drove them down to our house.  The first 15 minutes was pure chaos with children running and yelling all over the house.  It was insane!  Then, we packed snacks and water and had all the kiddies put on their swimsuits and sunscreened them up, we were headed to the splashpad.

The kids played at the splashpad for over 2.5 hours.  I think the other people at the splashpad thought that all 5 kids were ours and that we may have had 2 sets of twins (Noah & Liam, Juli and Brendan).  Of course there were injuries- poor Liam tripped and fell, skinning his knees and 1 elbow.  Then he slammed his face on the slide.  Good thing I always keep a first aid kit in the van!

After that, we took a walk, and they ran around some more, playing and dancing on the stage that was there, Ryan decided, "Hey, lets do ice cream before dinner!" So, we headed to Mickey D's for ice cream cones.

Yes, I know we forgot to lower the head rest on Noah's booster after Rori sat in it
From there, we picked up a couple of pizzas for dinner and headed back to our house.  The kids didn't eat much- I think due to the excitement of the day and the ice cream.  The 3 big kids then played some Lego Star Wars on the Wii, and the 2 bubba's went outside to play.

Later, we sent all the big kids outside to play and Ryan filled the kiddie pool and set up the sprinkler for them.  They ran around like crazies and played for another few hours.  Of course there was another injury- poor Rori fell off the swing and hit her chin on the ground.  Then, we did sparklers and made S'mores in the fire pit.

All the kids smelled a little smokey from the fire, so we decided to give the big kids showers, and the little kids a bath- because Rori's birthday party was the next day.  Rori is self-sufficient, so we just had to turn on the water and she took care of herself.  Ryan bathed Juli and Brendan, and I was the lucky recipient of Noah and Liam's shower (holy cow, 6 year old boys are crazy!).  By then it was well after 9 PM, so Ryan and I set up 5 beds in Noah's room for the kids, while the kids watched a movie and had some snacks, and then we joined them. 

A sea of beds
Around 10, we called Jaime and Bill to say goodnight, brushed teeth and headed to bed.  They settled down fairly quickly (Ryan gave up around 10:15- he needs sleep, or it's not pretty), except for Noah and Rori who were coughing.  After some cough medicine, and a call to Jaime to see what else I could try for Rori's cough, I returned to Noah's room, to find Rori sound asleep and curled up next to Noah in his bed.

Noah and Liam slept until 6:30, Rori and Brendan slept until 7:30, and Juli slept until 8:30.  Ryan cooked them a delicious pancake breakfast, and then we started getting everybody packed up and ready.  Of course, Juli said to Brendan, "Come on, let's be naughty!" (That's what the 2 of them do), so we had to keep one eye on them while we were getting ready to leave.  And then we headed up to Jaime's house for Rori's birthday party.  Her party consisted of water balloons, the cup game, and lots and lots of swimming.  Everyone had a great time.

When we left their house that night, it didn't take long for our kids to conk out, and they slept until 9:45 the next morning.

It was a good time and we look forward to many more sleepovers like this one :-)


  1. Thank you so much!!! They had an AWESOME time and we can't wait to reciprocate!! But you are the fun aunt and uncle!!

  2. Looks like a wonderful time.. u r a applaud mom love mom from her kinnell

  3. Thanks for taking them. They had a wonderful time and are still talking about it. When Noah decides to man up we would love to have him and Juli over spoil them rotten. Brenda want Uncle Ryan to know me hungry.--Uncle Bill