Saturday, March 3, 2018

11 Years Old Today...

Today you turn 11.  This past year has been a tough one for you.  From the choking on the chicken incident this past summer, to being bullied at the start of the school year, to the concussion and stitches accident at recess, to the 6 day hospital stay post-concussion.  You have come through this storm battered and bruised, but stronger and braver than any mom could imagine or hope for.  You amaze me every day.

Some birthday facts about Noah this year...
1) He LOVES the Blackhawks, so much in fact that his entire room has a Blackhawks theme!

2) He's a HUGE fan of Coyote Peterson! In fact  when we were in Arizona we had to visit the Tucson Gem & Mineral Store because Coyote Peterson had been there. (Don't know who Coyote Peterson is- you can find him here or here)

3) Even though he choked on a piece of chicken this summer, he still enjoys eating it.  2 of his favorite places to eat include Chick-Fil-A and Buffalo Wild Wings.

4) He loves Jesus with his whole heart.  One of his favorite people is the pastor of our church. Last week a clip of Billy Graham played on the radio and his words inspired Noah.

5) He LOVES to build- k'Nex, Legos, Snapcircuits, rocks, you name it and he will build with it for hours at an end, usually while listening to Andy Mineo or The Greatest Showman soundtrack.  Future engineer?

Happy Birthday, Noah James, we love you so very much!

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