Sunday, November 8, 2009

Special Protector...

When we first brought Juliana home, Noah wanted nothing to do with her. By the time she was 7 weeks old, Noah acknowledged that he had a sister. Now that she's a little over 6 months old, he has become her protector. This is a good thing, and a bad thing.
On Tuesday, I came to pick up the kids. Theresa told me that Noah had a rough day. Noah is a stubborn child, a very stubborn child. He gets that from both of us (mainly Ryan, though- ha ha). He doesn't like it when Paxton (who's a little less than a year younger than him) touches Juliana or anything that belongs to Juliana.

Theresa said that Paxton touched Juliana's car seat, and even though Juliana was not in the car seat, Noah went up to Paxton and shoved him down. Theresa put Noah in time out (I would have done the same). Every few minutes she would ask Noah if he was ready to say he was sorry or if he could give Paxton a hug. Noah kept saying "no". 25 minutes later (I told you he was stubborn), Noah gave Paxton a hug.

A positive part of Noah protecting Juliana, is that now he wants to hold her, make her smile, and he plays with her. I just hope that continues.


  1. What a sweet big brother! She'll appreciate that story--how her brother protected her, when she's older :) Hopefully he'll protect her from the boys knocking on your door in the future!

  2. What sweet pictures and what a sweet big brother!

  3. That's my boy! They're lucky to have each other. Love, Grandma

  4. Ryan was Candise's special protector also even though he was 6 years younger. We'll tell you the stories some time. Maybe Ryan remembers.
    Key words: snowball and golf tee

    Grandpa and Grandma Mahlberg