Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Things I've Learned Today...

Okay, so Ryan is on a business trip, and I have had quite the eventful afternoon/evening.

Here's a list of things I have learned this afternoon/evening...

1) Noah's frames for his glasses have been discontinued, which means a trip back to the eye doctor's.

2)When you are soothing Juliana, and you don't hear Noah, you must immediately become suspicious.

3) The reason you should be suspicious is because the toilet in the downstairs bathroom is clogged.

4) YouTube has a video that will show you how to snake a toilet.

5) Snaking a toilet is not something you should try to do when Juliana is angry.

6) When the feeding therapist arrives, it isn't always happy news (Juliana is at a 3 month stage for several of her oral milestones, and is at the 1 month stage for feeding).

7) The feeding therapist is excellent about getting the dogs to go back outside after Noah lets them in (because I forgot to lock the patio door after sending them out) while I am changing Juliana's very poopy diaper.

8) When you are feeding Juliana (with the feeding therapist observing), and Noah goes upstairs, you should immediately become suspicious.

9) When Noah comes back downstairs and shows you his sticky hands, immediately become suspicious.

10) The reason you should become suspicious is because Noah has somehow gotten the cap off of his Thomas toothpaste (to brush his teeth like a big boy) and has smeared it all over the bathroom.

11) After stripping Noah down and cleaning him up, NEVER let him close his bedroom door when no one is in his room.

12) The reason for doing that is because, Noah hit the lock on his door when he shut his door, leaving him naked in the hallway along with his VERY frustrated mother.

13) Always leave the bedroom door keys on a bookshelf, it makes them easier to find.

14) Opening a locked bedroom door takes some skill, but eventually anyone can do it.

15) Just leaving a clogged toilet to sit, doesn't mean it's still not clogged.

16) After 15 minutes, I successfully snaked the toilet. Still don't know why it was clogged, and I don't want to.

17) Being a single parent is NOT an easy job, and I am thankful to have a husband.


  1. Oh my word, girl! You need a day off. I can't believe you snaked a toilet on top of all the other goings on --- you are a multitasking queen! Sorry to hear about Juliana but @ least you've got some back-up, huh!

  2. I am so sorry for you night Jenna. Although it's good to know, in not a ha ha way, that sweet, innocent, quiet Noah gets himself into trouble. Don't worry about Juliana, soon she will be eating like the rest of the family!!!!--Bill

  3. Think you should be nominated for funniest post of the day. Easy for me to say when my husband is not out of town. I don't know if you remember me locking us out of the house and the neighbor breaking into our bedroom window to get us in OR me locking us out of the car while it was running and while Dad was out of town and the police coming to break us back in with a coat hanger. HMMMM locking things by mistake seems to be a family trait huh my Ray?
    Love you wenna woo...hang in there...we will put my Snow White next to my Wrinkles and he will show her how eating is done. Love, Grandma

  4. Rough day! Wish we were closer and could help you! In a few years you'll go back and reread this and have a good chuckle.

  5. Glad for you that Ryan will be home tomorrow. This was quite a day not one you will soon forget. We feel your frustration. Your descriptive story is very funny!

    Grandma and Grandpa Mahlberg