Friday, January 8, 2010

A Long Week...

It's been a long, nightmare of a week. Ryan has been out of town since Tuesday, and won't return until Sunday afternoon. My parents are coming tonight to help me out, because I am FRIED!

Juliana has had a bad cold since last Friday- she threw up at the dinner table, and that is all Noah can talk about any time he sees someone new. We just figured it was her turn to be sick, and we were actually pretty happy that she waited this long (8 months) to get sick. One of the down sides to her being sick was that she was eating significantly less than she had already been eating. Tuesday morning, at 2 AM, Ryan got up to feed Juliana before he had to leave to get on the plane. I noticed that he had started the washing machine, so I wandered into her room, and he told me she had thrown up again. I helped him clean up, and then told him I needed to call in sick and email my sub plans to my friends at work, so I could stay home with her.

I was able to get her in to see the pediatrician that morning. I noticed that morning that her breathing was odd. When she would breathe in, you could hear loud crackling. That's when I started to freak out a little bit. I was happy to find out that she was now 15 pounds and she wasn't dehydrated. What I didn't want to hear was that her right lung was not clear, BUT her left lung was clear. The pediatrician suspected bronchitis bordering on pneumonia and he was glad that I had brought her in when I did, because he didn't want to see it turn into RSV, which apparently because of her heart, she is more susceptible to. He started her on antibiotics, and gave me this amazing baby booger sucker that works way better than the one you go home from the hospital with. I also had him check Noah out, since he said she was very contaigous. Noah just had a cold, thank God.

Tuesday was rough, but the night time was worse. I gave her a bath, and got her into her jammies. She then threw up again, so I had to clean both of us up, her crib, and I gave her a new bath. That night, I was getting up every hour or so, to suction her nose and mouth (she was choking on mucus). I had her sleeping in her swing, no motion, just more upright than in her propped crib.

Wednesday, I stayed home again. In the morning, I called the chiropractor and they got us in right away as well. He adjusted Juliana and told me that if she was still as bad as she was on Thursday, to call his cell phone (he's off on Thursdays) and he would drive up and meet us at his office. Wednesday she ate a little better, and there was no throwing up. I was able to get a little more sleep, and only had to suction her every 2-3 hours.

If you live in the Midwest, you know that Thursday we got hammered with snow, and I'll admit I had been banking on a snow day, so let me tell you, when I didn't get that phone call, I was NOT happy to get up, get the kids up and go to work. I should have stayed home another day, but final exams are next week, and I was not done teaching the material that my students needed to know.

When I picked up the kids on Thursday, Juliana was in high spirits. She was smiling and babbling and bouncing, something I hadn't seen her do in days. She still wasn't eating well, but she was definitely better, which was great. Of course, once I got her home, she immediately melted down on and off until she went to bed, but at least she had a good day with Theresa.

This morning she barely seemed congested and we go back to the chiropractor after work to have her adjusted again. I'm just thankful that she didn't get worse, and that my parents are coming tonight. I am exhausted and in need of much sleep. Thank goodness it's the weekend.


  1. We're coming Wenna Woo! I want to see the booger sucker! Can't wait to hog Juliana while you are at swimming.

  2. Ryan owes you a month of sleeping in...

  3. Oh dear! It's so hard going at all that alone! You made it through to the weekend, Grandpa & Grandma and your hubby coming home...GREAT job! I bet you could tackle anything!