Friday, January 15, 2010

A Strong Woman...

My sister, Jaime, is one of the strongest people I know. 6 years ago, she was 19.5 weeks pregnant. 6 years ago she miscarried. I remember getting the call from my parents on January 14 that Bill had taken her to the hospital, Jaime was running a fever and infection had set in. She would most likely miscarry.

Ryan drove us to the hospital and we sat in the waiting room for hours until my dad came out to check if we were there. I remember we prayed around Jaime's bed, asking God for Him to make the decision for them. Then, Ryan and I drove to Jaime and Bill's house, picked up their dog and drove back to our house. I just laid in bed waiting for the phone call to come. It didn't. I called in sick to work, and drove up to the hospital in the morning. We sat in the waiting room taking turns sitting with Jaime. My mom didn't leave her side. Then my mom came and got my dad and I, and we went in to see Jaime holding their little girl, that she had just miscarried. She was so tiny and so beautiful. I studied her, forcing my brain to remember her, fighting my brain injury to not let me forget her. They named her Faith. Later that year, I got her name in Kanji tattooed on my back.

I was so angry with God for many years, for denying Jaime this little girl. Jaime is an amazing mother with 3 beautiful children now, and one waiting for her in Heaven. I can't wait to meet you, Faith. Neither can Ryan, Noah, or Juliana.

I love you Jaime (you too, Bill).

If you think of it, please pray for the little girl that they sponsor who shares Faith's birthday. She is from Haiti and they don't know if she is alright.


  1. It is so great that you two sisters support each other so well. Too often siblings grow apart but not in this case. You are a special sister to a special sister.

  2. Jenna, you are the reason that I grieve for Rori to have had a sister--b/c I love you so much and I wished that for her!

  3. Jaime has commented many times over the course of our friendship just how dearly she wanted a sister for Rori....and I can see why. She has a wonderful sister in you, Jenna.

  4. Sisters, sisters there were never two such special sisters.