Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Are You Kidding Me?!?

Today Juliana turned one. I wrote a blog about her. I even mentioned how much Juliana likes Miss Peggy, her speech/feeding therapist. Our whole family LOVES Miss Peggy. She's great with Juliana. She's great with Noah. She was the one who helped me get the ball rolling with Early Intervention. She introduced us to the vibrating spoon, which got Juliana interested in eating solids. We've been making progress with Juliana's eating issues, and I'll be honest, I was starting to feel less stressed out and not as worried.

Towards the end of therapy today, Miss Peggy said to me, "I've got some news". Me (trying to be funny), "Let me guess, you're leaving"? Miss Peggy, "Yes. I am leaving the company. May 14 is my last day". Me, no response, with my mouth hanging open. She went on to explain what she was moving on to do, and that her replacement has 16 years of experience and we will be in great hands. When the ability to speak returned to me, my only responses were, "Aw, man!" and "good for you". But inside, I was already trying to control my tears.

ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!? What the hell?!? Everytime I think we're on the right track, God throws us a curve ball. I am so pissed right now. Not at Peggy- I could NEVER be mad her, but at the situation. We LOVE Peggy and it just plain sucks to have to make a change right now. I cried the entire way home today after therapy. I know God has a plan & a reason for this change, but I don't understand why, and I NEED to understand why. I've been angry and frustrated for so long with everything that's gone on with Juliana, and I was starting to finally lose some of that anger. Well, the anger and frustration are back, and I guess I need to start working on it again.


  1. Well that's just craptastic. that's all i have to say.

  2. God knows why my Jenna...and that sounds so trite...especially when things were looking up...You and Ryan cannot control these things...give them back to God...he will uphold you and Juliana...Trust Him even in your anger...God will take care of you and your family...I love you, MOM

  3. Perhaps this new therapist will have new and exciting things for Juliana to try. Half full glass. I know you will give her a chance and this is tough but we are all here for you and Ryan and Juliana and Noah. We all love you.